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Mmmmm... Kool Aid at Encore (Part 1)

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 14th January 2009 5:40pm
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I apologize in advance for the stream of consciousness, Unabomber Manifesto style blabberings below. I just want to get this stuff out there as quickly as possible as I've got four more events on my dance card tonight and it's barely 5pm Vegas time.

So, it's been a pretty eventful 24 hours. After driving out to Vegas from L.A. in record time (about 4 hours) we checked into the Mirage, which was an absolute ghost town. I was pretty excited to see the new rooms at Mirage, which in reality are half neato and half "huh?" I'll wait till the review to lay out the details, but housekeeping was substandard and the room stunk sumthin god awful.

Typically, i couldn't get to sleep despite the uber plush pillowtop mattress. I finally crashed out at about 4am to be awoken at 6 by my phones alarm clock. After chowing down on some room delivery we checked out and headed over to Encore for the Media Week Kool Aid Drinking contest.

Check in was a nightmare, not Wynn's fault, but our credit card company. When doing the charge for 'incidentals' the bank decided to spare us from fraud protection and locked up the account. Lovely. We called and they fixed it, only to have it locked up again the second time we "checked in." I'm wondering if I can send those jerks a bill for public embarrassment. The nice thing was Encore employees saw what was happening and came by with ice cold bottles of water and good vibes.

Eventually we got settled into the room then boned out to catch the "Design Team Tour" of the property, somewhat similar to the one I did a few hours before Encore opened. The tour was of public areas, then into the 'back of house' including the employee cafe (which is nicer than most strip property buffets, they have grilled mahi-mahi and a friggin a soy milk dispenser.

We went through the horticultural area where they were preparing various decorations - lanterns & a giant dragon - for Chinese New Year decor. It was interesting to hear that they consulted with a Feng Shuei master about what the best dates for putting the decorations up are.

Also went through the bakery - including bread samples - the chocolate makers room, the live lobster holding tanks and witnessed a chat by Chef Paul Bartolotta in front of a gigantic table full of fish, including lobsters and crabs crawling about. He also saddled up to the grill and served up a dish of four different types of seafood, which came with a glass of champagne. I had seconds... on the champagne.

Finally, we trudged all the way across the property to Daniel Bouloud's Brasserie and chowed down on a four course lunch cooked by four different chefs each matched with a specific wine. As expected, it was awesome and the food was great too. I posted a bunch of photos onto the twitter as it was happening. I'll try and recap some of it later, but the highlights for me were surely Alex Stratta's Buttermilk Poached Guinea Hen with Black Truffle Gratin and Bartolotta's Penne with Ragu di Crustaceani. Both were "OMG" culinary delights. The Bouloud dish not so much.

After lunch, we poked our heads into the kitchen there for a "tour" then decided to high tail it back to the room for a quick rest before I had to go record Vegas gang downstairs in Hunter's room.

I bounced back upstairs to take a "nap" but after a moments pause realized that if i go down, I might not wake up again.

So after this I'm going to fill up my hollow leg with more booze/kool aid then have dinner at Sinatra with the Mrs. then beat the crap out of all the other 'media week dorques' in the blackjack tournament they are having. After which, I hope to do a little gambling of my own accord.

I hope to post some pics and stuff later... until then keep your eyes on the Twitter feed for mobile updates.



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If your credit card is from HSBC, the problems you had are to be expected. They have to be the worst credit card company for screwing with your account and denying charges, all under the guise of fraud protection.

That same crap happened to us at the HOOTERS Hotel. Bank of America locked up the card because we were using it in Vegas when I'd called them the week before and told them "Hey we're going to Vegas, don't lock up the card, it's going to be us using it."
You stand there and they run it and run it and it makes you look like some lowlife that has no money (at Hooters of all places)

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