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By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 14th January 2009 8:00am
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Arrived at Mirage last night for a stay in their new rooms. The long and the short of it: housekeeping sucks. The room stinks worse than Emperor Wang's Impotent Palace, the handle fell off the toilet, soap scum, an inch of dust, ash covered carpeting and a bunch of wayward pubes.

I'm off to Encore for their 'media week'. Follow the twitter for real time details.



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So disgusting. Mirage used to be so nice too. Last time I stayed there was in 2004 and the room was lovely. Sucks to hear its gone to shit

I was there in September and I found it to be exactly the opposite...

Did you call the front desk? Did they get you a new room that was clean?

I understand it should be right the first time, but sometimes how the hotels pick up the pieces is just as important.

It may SMELL as bad as the Venerial Palace, but are the carpets stained as bad as the Palace?
Don't ever bring a blacklight in a hotel room. EVER.

i'm guessing that mirage has some maintenance problems with its air circulation system - ducts need to be scrubbed or the filters replaced.

last time i stayed there two years ago, it was the previous room design (about 3-4 years old) and it stank just as bad but was doused with air freshener.

this room was completely redesigned, refurbished, repainted and refitted barely six months ago. one would think that it would've taken a bit longer for the stink to set in to the carpet and walls.

as for the ashes, dust, potato chips and extraneous pubes... i'll bet this is caused by recession related cost savings. some joints vacuum every other day due to less staff cleaning more rooms.

to answer the @autobahn's question - no, we didn't request to move, which i'm sure the folks at mirage would've done in a split second. we arrived really late and needed to crash asap because we had an early morning appointment at encore the next day. unless the room is unlivable, we generally accept the 'luck of the draw' and post the result in the review.

the premise for playing the hand dealt is simple: VT readers know what they might expect in a room and the hotel operators (many of whom read VT) get intel from a third party mystery shopper.

@rockchick funny you said that. we've been talking about investing in one of those hospitality specific lights for just this purpose.

I think it should be posted. If you didn't have this mighty site behind you, do you really think they would've hopped to so readily?

I think the average hotel guest would most likely have been ignored or placated enough to get them to shut up and not actually fix anything.

Post it, bra.

Last time I saw the Ex's buffet I screamed as well.

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