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Team VT Didn't Come In Last

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 3rd January 2009 1:03am
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Our dear friend and reprezentative in the LV Half Marathon, CanadianCrapShooter just sent us some pix of the jerseys (which - thanks to the jerks at Printfection.com - arrived about five weeks after we ordered them, two weeks late) for the run, his medal and stats.

We didn't come in last! Actually, CCS did the half marathon in 02:11:54 (translation: two days, eleven hours and 54 beers) and came in 2728th place (out of about five million runners.

Congratulations CCS and thanks for representing even if the jerks at Printfection.com screwed the pooch on the order.



Comments & Discussion:

There's VegasTripping shirts? And I didn't know?

damn, should have made the tshirt printing order known to the membership - i would love to get one of those as well.

good job CCS, the only time I run is when being chased by Oilers fans!! or to the strip club

@Spyder Both good reasons to run, but don't forget the all important beer run.

@Chuckmonster I think you might have to get some more shirts made!

yeah we've had shirts n shit at the cafe press store but the designs are ancient. the printfection shop seems to do a better job with printing but they're quite expensive when you print on black, both sides.

we'll make some new stuff after the trippies hubub blows over.

Good job Richard. Is the LV marathon going to be an annual event for you now?

@donnymac66 I'm not sure. Mrs. Crapshooter wants to run in '09 so that will probably be a go. I'd like to finish a full marathon sometime in the next 5 years or so. Vegas would be the obvious choice for that.

To be fair, my interest in t-shirts is one of those fair-weather things that webcomic artists are too familiar with: I'm one of those people that goes "that would be a cool shirt" and then when you make shirts I say "wow too bad I'm broke or I'd buy one."

But if Spyder or others want shirts made, their interest might actually be more likely to create revenue than mine.

the cost alone makes revenue prohibitive - base price is $2X.00 bucks a pop... pretty outrageous. tacking a buck or two on top of that as 'revenue' won't make a difference in the larger structure of things. that folks would want to wear VT gear makes us happy as a hooker on a day off.

Send the designs my way! My boyfriend works at a very good screen printing company here.
Good job on finishing the marathon.......if I could only run without getting shin splints I'd be in business.

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