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Plaza Las Vegas Causes Park Avenue Panty Wad

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 10th December 2008 5:04am
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Oh yes. Leave it to those NYC Park Avenue blue haired hoity-toits to self-strangulate their granny pantalooned prosciutti at the very thought of the Plaza Hotel brand expanding to... *gasp* LAS VEGAS!

Get over it Gertrude, the false assumption that Vegas is a gaudy MEGATROPOLIS™ is as old as the 'trapped in the name of decorum and manners' wind rattling in your cavernous yet gaseously penurious sphincter.

Bellagio opened... uh... like 10 years ago and it's been all up hill since (*ahem* Hooters *ahem*.) From the New York Post:

The location that raises the most eyebrows among New Yorkers is, of course, Vegas, where a multibillion-dollar Plaza Hotel residential/retail/hotel/gaming complex is scheduled to open in 2011. Some Manhattan developers say they doubt that the Sin City plans will come to fruition in the current economic climate. But the very idea of sullying an icon with Vegas' gaudiness has upper-crust New Yorkers accusing El-Ad of selling the soul of the institution.

"They're taking the brand and trying to maximize it with no taste level," says Margaret Ternes, executive director of the Fund for Park Avenue. "The whole place is staffed with people who just came out of the egg. They don't know anything about the property. It's been glitzed up and that has ruined the historical patina of it. My God, why don't they just go to Las Vegas and leave us alone."

Marge... go match the length of your leggings to the length of your skirt then come talk to us. You look like a friggin' bag lady.



Comments & Discussion:

Actually, he idea that Vegas isn't gaudy is like the idea that Vegas is a developed city: wrong ideas that got in the head of one or two confused people.

Oh sure, you can build something without it being corny, but CityCenter and the two Wynns aren't big enough to hide everything else in their shadows.

Come on, pronounce it properly, it is Marge ( Ma-harggge ). The worst part of it is this comes from a city that gave us Donald Trump.

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