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Criss Angel Fans Are Lunatics

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 9th December 2008 5:37am
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I guess there is a reason why Criss Angel fans are called "The Loyal" - they are... to the point of lunacy! Check out this post about Angel from Movable Buffet... festooned to the tune of 59 comments by Loyalist chatterboxes doing battle with Angel bashers.

At the outset, reader Jim predicted the coming onslaught:

Queue the usual list of Loyalist apologists who have not seen the show but will be along any minute to defend it to the death

And he was right:

SHUTUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him!!!!!! And the people bashing him are friggin jealous! U guys r big big butts!!! And I saw the show and it was awesome!!!!!!!! He is the best! So Shutup especially if u haven't even seen the show! U haven't a clue!!!! (posted by Coconut)
Maybe Criss Angel's creativity is too much for you to understand. (posted by Vegas Always)

Boulez, maybe... Criss Angel... nuh uh.

I can see why Holly [Madison] and Criss get along. They have alot in common. Love of music and animals to name a few. (posted by Debbie)

My friend Rob loves music and animals. He told me a story once about cleaning a frozen deer with a chainsaw while listening to Slayer on his Walkman.

Someone please talk me out of going to see this and writing a review.



Comments & Discussion:

You don't need to write a review, not unless you have some exotic alternative phrases for "it sucks" that would be entertaining to hear.

I don't know. Its like a train wreck, I almost want to go see if for myself to see. Maybe we should go see it Sunday night, before Encore opens on Monday? I'd probably give it a try, maybe we could drag Hunter and his wife along also. You know what they say, misery loves company!

But his hair is half-scene half-anime character, depending on whether it's a month that ends in "-ary" or not. That means he understands meeeeeeeeeeee. KURISS ANGEL-SAN ==^_________^ %(%9

Just for the record Criss Angel is NOT creative. He's a dork poser that didn't start dressing or acting like he does now until he got famous. He is SUCH a loser and I hate him with a passion.

I mean come on the dude lives in a hotel!!! He doesn't even have a house!

In a perfect world, all magicians would be homeless. That applies to hypnotists, mimes, and ventriloquists as well.

Yeah, well I'm not sure that means much. Steve Wynn lives in a hotel also.

Big difference... Steve Wynn built the hotel.

RockChickX51: "He's a dork poser that didn't start dressing or acting like he does now until he got famous."

So you're saying that if he had any sense he would dress like that all the time? D: Not sure I follow.

I saw it and it was a big messy train wreck. Some good, some awful scenes

MinVegas, what I'm trying to say is, he always says how he's so "different" and has his "own style and personality" when in reality he didn't even start dressing or acting the way he does until he got money. He does it to get attention and so people will THINK that he's cool.
But that's how ALL famous people are. They get famous and want nothing but more attention. Maybe he'll pull a Britney and shave his head.
I think he uses the same jeweler as Mr. T. :-)

I just really hate celebrities.

Oh and about the hotel thing, I'm sure that Steve Wynn is only living in his fairway villa until his house on some golf course (can't remember the name) gets finished.

They called Las Vegas gaudy like it was an insult....I love it.

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