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Vegas New Years Eve = Celebutard Jackpot

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 25th November 2008 5:32am
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If you're heading to Las Vegas for New Years Eve - and who wouldn't given the amazing deals the casinos are throwing around - don't forget to purloin the barf bag shortly after putting your tray table in the upright position when you land at LAS.

Pure Management Group, operators of clubs & restaurants all over Las Vegas, have harvested a bumper crop of celebutards to host New Years Eve parties... and only two clubs' hosts have been announced! Check out this line up:

LAX at Luxor presents "The Kardashians" best known for being the daughters of OJ Simpsons late defense lawyer/friend Robert Kardashian.

...and doing lunges and squats.

Christian Audiger at Treasure Island presents an evening with Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, primarily known for being complete idiots on MTV.

...and getting paid $100,000 to be a douchebag in public. God bless David Letterman.

Speaking of douchebags, you might be interested to know that here is an I Hate Ed Hardy, Christian Audiger and True Religion Club on Facebook now. Will the annual convention be at TI?



Comments & Discussion:

I'm surprised TI didn't have.... You know.... T.I.

and P-Ho could get britney spears
(insert rimshot here)

Letterman is the best

wow, I thought I hated those two before! I really want to meet the person that would go to a club because they thought they could see Spencer Pratt. And not the person that would want to go just to punch him in the face because I just saw him in the mirror a couple minutes ago.

Yeah what exactly do Spencer and Heidi do? Anything special?
You know what I hate more than celebrities? Wanna be celebrities.

Now days you don't have to have talent to be famous, you just have to be rich. It's really easy to be famous, just have money and live in L.A. Whala. You'll be on the cover of InTouch and Star in no time.

So I guess we should set up a VT members meeting and get something like the Spearmint Rhino or The GN to sponsor it. Do you think they would pay us like $1 each to show up? I'd even take Canadian....

I'm in for a Looney

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