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Should Harrah's Honor A $2700 Typo?

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 20th November 2008 4:51am
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Should Harrah's Entertainment honor a recent promotional snail mailer which touting an offer of "$3000 in cash or live chips" for those who made a reservation at Paris or Ballys in January 09?

Apparently, not. Harrah's flagged the offer as "sold out" in its reservation system as soon as the $2700 typo (i.e., an extra zero) was discovered, frustrating one reader to take the issue up with the LA Times Travel Section.

So what do you think... was it a bait and switch or honest mistake? And if you were on the receiving end of this, what would you do?



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If it was a snail-mailer, there was plenty of opportunity to quality-check at least one copy before sending them out. I say they should be held to the offer. Then again, I don't really care if Harrah's goes under; the customer was more highly valued when the casinos were independently-owned and fighting for our business.

Reminds me a lot of the MGM $69 room affair. I wonder if the people who put that together for MGM went to work for Harah's after they were let go by MGM?

Did Harrah's at least offer the person the "corrected" promotion of $300?

IMHO, Harrahs should have explained to the people who received the mailer and called in, the mistake and then offered the corrected promo, maybe with an additional meal comp or bonus Total Rewards points thrown in to sweeten the bitter pill of the typo mailer.

But in true, 'Harrah's poor customer service' tradition, the person answering the phone for Harrah's did nothing to try to make the customer happy.

In my visit to Vegas earlier this month, I found the Harrah's employees at the Rio to be some of the worse as far as customer service goes. If I wasn't there just to use up my Total Rewards points for meals, I would have left and never came back. (BTW, the Village Seafood Buffet is just a smaller and much more expensive version of the Carnival Buffet, with less selections. The only thing the Village Buffet had was a couple of more types of Sushi and maybe a couple of more fish dishes.)

It's a mistake on their part, so they should be expected to accept those bookings made prior to a certain date (perhaps a few days after they send out an updated offer). Or at the very least, offer to throw in free airfare voucher (either for that trip or a future trip), a discounted rate (say 25% off the T.R. rate) for a future visit, and a few $25 meal vouchers.

Myself, I'm pretty much done with Harrah's. I just let all of my T.R. points expire (I could have driven about 3 hours each way to the nearest Harrah's in order to keep my points active but chose not to.), and the only way I'll visit any of their properties is for a meal or a show. In a way, I hope that they get sold off piecemeal to operators who know how to treat their players.

No. This kind of thing happens at anybody with e-sales, as anyone who follows those deals/bargains sites can attest to.

This isn't at all like the MGM thing really because that was a deal they offered to people but then got all huffy when it was opened up to everyone. It exposed a sore point of the way these casinos do business (i.e. that they seem to put a certain level of worth on different customers and discriminate them based on their own calculations) while this was an honest mistake that was not delivered upon to anyone.

I'd rather pay the 4k for Wynn's dream bed.

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