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You Decide : Madonna vs Time Share Presentation

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 11th November 2008 4:37am
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Maybe I'm a little amped up on the coffee, but this quote - attributed to Ken Solky of LasVegasTickets.com, and made the centerpiece of this article in the RJ - caused a Mirage sized volcano of Kona blend to burst forth from my melon, bathing my monitor and keyboard.

I think more people would rather go to a Jimmy Buffett or a Madonna and pay full price, or a premium, than go to a time share giveaway, because their time here is limited, and their dollar is limited, so they want to get the most entertainment for the money.

Hrm... Jimmy Buffet/Madonna concerts or a time share presentation *ahem* giveaway. Boy that's a tough one... but certainly not the hardest Vegas decision to make. How about Running A Gauntlet of Pornslappers Outside of Paris vs seeing Neil Diamond? Or Looking For A Parking Space At The Flamingo Parking Garage vs An Evening With Billy Joel? Or Waiting for a waitress at Harrah's To Perform Emergency Dental Work vs Journey/Def Leppard double bill? Or Listening to some guy who proclaims to be an expert but demonstrates the opposite or winning the World Series of Poker?

Thank goodness we are lucky to live in a world where there are experts to help us understand ourselves. Otherwise, we might just opt to stay home and repeatedly stick our fingers in a socket for a weekend and call it "an electrifying vacation."




Comments & Discussion:

I'd rather take a sharp stick to the eye than to attend a timeshare presentation.

i get the whole concert vs. timeshare presentation, so how long before the artists have to give the presentation for the timeshares DURING their show?

I almost let one of them talk to me just so I could get a picture with the two ladies in traditional showgirl costumes. Other than that I normally just walk up and ask them where the bathroom is in this place cause I got some REALLY BAD GAS!!!

I also wanted to add, hasen't anyone else heard the commercials for
Tahiti Village, Up here they are really pimpin Rosanne out to get those sold. As well as the local timesharecompany who will give you a 2nt/3day stay 2 rt airfares just to sit thru 3 hrs. Yea, Yea, I did it twice.

Yeah we have those Tahiti Resort commercials here in Florida too. (Orlando is like the #1 timeshare place in the world, it's ridiculous). Except ours isn't Roseanne, it's some old dude sitting in a float in a pool bragging about how the resort is RIGHT ON the Las Vegas strip when in fact it's a few miles south of Mandalay Bay.

I hear the Tahiti Village commercials on Sirius quite a bit (not as much as I used to as I guess they typically focus on the spring and summer with their ad blitzes. The funniest thing about the Roseanne ones is that they were still playing the ones where she said you'd get tickets to her show @ the Sahara even after it had closed. The worst part about those commercials is the fact that the "celebrity" portion was taped separately and added in with the recording done by the DJ or host.

I was at the Maddonna concert, ummmm speaking as a NON FAN (had to go, girlfriends best friend couldn't get a flight - I just wanted to drink and gamble) I'd rather see the time share presentation. Now if it was Motley Crue.... different story entirely!!!!!!!!!

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