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RJ Blabs About Blogging Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 9th November 2008 3:58pm
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The Las Vegas Review Journal's Corey Levitan chit chats about Las Vegas bloggers in a piece entitled Viva Blogs Vegas today.

It's mostly localized observations about the blogging phenomenon, the ease of plug and play self publishing and the power of two way discourse as community builder.

Steve Friess - winner of the 2007 Trippies Editors picks for Vegas Person of the Year and Best Blog awards - offers one of the more insightful observations:

Vegas as a tourist destination has an enormous online following. There are people out there for whom Vegas is their main hobby, and there are large communities online that follow it there.

Steve has been a relentless critic of the RJ's many shortcomings for a number of years, but their casting of the Vegas blogging spotlight on Vegas Happens Here has softened his views, via today's In Defense of the RJ post. I'm not so sure that being profiled is just cause for defending the RJ, a simple Thanks! might have been enough. There's a lot on the RJ that needs defending, at least as far as their messy website design, circa 1999 sense of time, baffling understanding of what constitutes 'web usability' and constant server drop outs go. That being said, we love Norm!, gaming biz writer Howard Stutz and many of the other columnists there.

What's most interesting about the RJ article isn't what it says but what it doesn't say. The "Blog Jam" sidebar lists a number of notable blogs, some winners (LasVegasVegas, Vegas Happens Here, Vegas Wineaux, Vegas Rex, Las Vegas Gleaner) some misses (Everything LV and Vegas Today and Tomorrow aren't 'blogs' in the technical sense of the term) and some shocking omissions... particularly Two Way Hard Three, Stiffs & Georges, Die Is Cast & most shockingly Eating Las Vegas.

What about VT? Of course we're not on the list. Honestly, I'm not surprised to be omitted, we're not locals - then again neither is Mark Adams from Vegas Today & Tomorrow... unless you count his bi-monthly stays at the Orleans as satisfying citizenship requirements.

There real reason why VT is omitted : WE SUCK!. :)

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well in that case, im proud to be part of this sucky vt community...

Me to! Vegastripping.com sucks!!

Here you go again criticizing someone else's web site. All I can say is that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Your web site design leaves a whole lot to be desired and at least the LVRJ web site is consistant on design and location from page to page, yours is not.

you win. we suck!

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