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Echelon Announces "Mothballs:The Ride"

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 29th October 2008 2:15am
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Echelon Postponed to late 2009

Echelon Las Vegas has announced a new attraction opening immediately : Mothballs:The Ride, hot on the heels of the opening of their new heavy metal club called "RUST".

In the middle of laying out dismal financials for Q3, Boyd Gaming (BYD) also let it be known that Echelon's temporary stay of execution has been extended through 2009. Right now, all options are on the table for the 1/4 built Stardust replacement project, including scaling down the scope of the megaresort, resuming construction with a new phased plan (as I suggested in a VegasGang discussion a few months ago) or shaking some money out of heretofore uninspected couches.

The questions remain: is this a shrewd move by a pro-active casino company or a slow withering death of yet another casino project?



Comments & Discussion:

My answer: Turn the luxury down a notch or two, drop that pretentious Echelon name, and bring back the Stardust name. You bring back the Stardust name, that's instant recognition for the resort. Sure it may have connections to it's mobbed up past (hasn't hurt the few remaining properties that date back to those days), but folks know Stardust; Echelon sounds like a spa.....

Vespajet is right. Stardust II is a much better idea. There is so much competition for the hoity-toity luxury market that the classic vegas nostalgia market seems wide open now.

I think that Boyd Gaming needs to hire the guys who put together the Eastside Cannery. Look at what they built for the bargain basement price. They could save enough on the Echelon construction to pay for building the mall in addition and not have to deal with the soon to be bankrupt General Growth Properties.

As for names, yes bring back the Stardust name. Also bring back the Westward Ho name and use it on one of the smaller boutique hotels. Then get rights to the Frontier name and use it on the other smaller boutique hotel. Rename the whole complex 'Vegas Classic'.

@atltrainman - hysterical

i recall reading somewhere that they've got plans for some kind of "stardust lounge" up in echelon... in the comments to a previous post. posted by vespajet probably. :D

the problem isn't the property as designed or being built... its that they can't finance. i love the designs at echelon. changing the name to stardust would be a home run i think. what does the current flamingo have in common with the original? nothing!

I would also go along with ditching the Echelon name. It sounds like something out of the new Star Trek movie. Call the new Stardust the Stardust and scale down the designs to make it look more like an older hotel but with upgraded facilities. I went to the Stardust a few times before the big bang and it wasnt a bad hotel, just an old one. It will be awhile before someone is going to pony up some major coinage so why try to add another megaresort when a plain old resort will do.

They did it with the Aladdin...tore it down...re-built and named it the Aladdin again....so why not do it with a fantastic classic like the Stardust.
Or call it Stardust....the Last Frontier and pay homage to Stardust, the Frontier, and then they could put the Star Trek Experience in there since it goes with the name. Oh my god I can see all the Trekkie nerds now....help.

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