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Vegas 1992

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 20th October 2008 2:28am
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MinVegas (aka mike_ch aka mtc) just tweeted a link to the photo above with the caption "And you thought Casino Royale looked ugly today!."

The photo is from the Flickr stream of Jose P Isern Comas which consists of scans of vintage slides from approximately 1992. Looks like an eternity ago doesn't it? There's some amazing shots, here is but a small sampling:

Luxor Under Construction (with the Hacienda)
The Desert Inn
Sam Kinison on the Sands marquee (Sam died in April 1992, so these photos are before then.)
The Cary Grant Suite at Dunes

@mtc also sent along this comparison of Mirage vintage and now.

There's a lot more stuff from the photostream here

Thanks MinVegas for tweeting these... excellent find.



Comments & Discussion:

I miss that "Vegas". It was on the verge of becoming bloated by corporate peckerwoods.

Just a few years too young for that Vegas. I definitely wish I would have had the chance to go there in the mid-to-late 1990s when places like the Desert Inn were still open. The shot of Luxor being built is especially interesting to the plane geek that I am, seeing as there is several stored DC-9s (Eastern and Midway) and a bunch of Janet 737-200s parked haphazardly. That storage area is definitely not there anymore.

for some reason it makes me happy that i actually have memories of some of those places. i was probably in elementary school at the time, but i remember going to the Hacienda. my grandfather knew Bernie Allen and got my parents free tickets to see him!
i also remember the chocolate eclairs at the Dunes buffet.
it's strange what some people get nostalgic over. thanks for sharing!

Quesions: When did the riverboat leftover from the Holiday get removed from harrahs?

And when did nob hill become casino royale?

According to www.lvstriphistory.com, Harrah's removed the riverboat theme in 1996 and was in the Mardi Gras theme by July of 1997. The name had shifted from Holiday to Harrah's in 1992 as the result of the spinning off of non-Holiday Inn assets into a separate company when the Holiday Inn chain was sold to Bass PLC (Yes, Bass as in the beer. They used to be in the hotel and pub industries and the hotel arm is better known these days as InterContinental Hotels Group.). The Harrah's corporate name returned in 1995 when the company (Trading under the name Promus Companies) spun off the all of their non-gaming hotel chains into a separate company.

As for when Nob Hill became Casino Royale. Same site shows that the Nob Hill opened in 1979 and closed in 1980. It reopened as the Casino Royale on January 1, 1992. Nob Hill did not have rooms, and the rooms at Casino Royale are the former Travelodge Motel that the owners of Casino Royale bought. What was the Nob Hill part of the property is on the south end of the casino. The photo shown is from 1991, and based on construction photos from VT&T, it's some time in early 1991, as they have a shot of Casino Royale under construction that same year. Harrah's was still the Holiday at that point.

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