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The Dr. Is In

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 20th October 2008 1:19am
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A month or so ago there was a documentary on PBS about a famous person in American politics. One of the many people interviewed for the program was a long time political assistant who has become a daily fixture in cable news punditry. The names of the people aren't important here, which is a good thing because I can't remember exactly who it was (memory is the first thing to go eh?) What stuck with me from the interview was how this very famous commentator related his feelings when he first started working for/with this famous political figure. I'll paraphrase : "If we are supremely lucky in these long complex lives we lead, we will be fortunate enough to cross paths with one of our heroes. For me, meeting and working with the Senator, was an awe inspiring education which to this day I am still unworthy of."

Through the wonders of this world, I've been lucky enough to become a friend to one of my heroes - Dr. Dave Schwartz. Many of you know Dave from the VegasGang podcast, or from his blog DieIsCast.com (home of Winslow's Eleven Guide, the Casino Carpet Gallery and thousands of daily postings.) You've probably seen Dr. Dave talking about Vegas history on the Travel Channel, read an article for which his expert opinion was solicited, or maybe you've emailed him about buying casino carpets for your den.

My introduction to Dr. Schwartz was via Amazon.com's recommendation algorithm. Because I had read X,Y and Z... they thought that I would probably like Suburban Xanadu, Dr. Schwartz' thoroughly mind-blowing book on the history of Las Vegas. Beyond the staggering depth, boundless insight, high (yet totally worth it) ticket price and unbelievably small typeface, Suburban Xanadu confirmed my blossoming feelings that casino culture was more than just postcards from weekend getaway, but instead a cultural phenomenon worthy of research, pointed study and intelligent discourse. For nearly a year, Suburban Xanadu traveled with me everywhere - raising curiosities over cups of coffee, ponderings on public transportation, lunch break levity and pillow top page turning.

Flush with awe and brimming with questions, I contacted Dr. Dave in the spring of 2005 in the hopes of (selfishly) doing an interview for VT. In the ensuing four or so years, my relationship with Dr. Dave has evolved from author/fanboy to... author & sage/fanboy & sponge. Not all that long ago, Dr. Dave told me to stop calling him Dr. Dave, and just call him Dave. Fine... but I still get to carry your guitar cases... mmmkay?

So why the verbose and gushing preamble? Cause I'm beside myself with pride to press the publish button on the inaugural feature article for VT's sister website AtlanticCityTripping.com, one containing the words and photos of Dr. Dave Schwartz, Atlantic City native, Director of the UNLV Center for Gaming Research, Keeper of the Casino Carpets, VegasGang-ster, one of my inspirations and *gulp* friend. To say that we're not worthy is the understatement of the millennium, but sets a healthy goal of redeeming ourselves.

Without further blubbering, it is my sincerest honor to present to you : Summer In The (Atlantic) City : Some Thoughts And Photos by Dr. Dave Schwartz.



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Suburban Xanadu was a "WICKED GOOD" read... Dr. Dave Schwartz is the man (after Chuck ofcourse)... I also read his blog daiy, I wanted to meet him at the podcastapalooza but had to head out right after, next time though...

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