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Our Presidential Endorsement

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 17th October 2008 1:18am
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It's often said that politics and fun don't mix. For that very reason we have attempted to cover this years truly fascinating race for the United States Presidency from the objective view of the gambler. Whether you prefer a candidate who pleasures in tossing dice at the craps table or one who calculates pot odds and win percentages at their weekly game, one thing is for sure : this is the most important election of our time.

Throughout the drama and tension of this seemingly endless campaign, VT has, at times, attempted to frame the proceedings through the lens of the gambling persona. For the first time ever, pundits, news anchors, surrogates and the candidates themselves have been using increasingly complex gambling terms to describe the daily drama of the campaign trail. Not all that long ago, the mere mention of gambling (let alone poaching the parlance of it) by candidates themselves might have excited more puritanical members of society to frown upon the sins of those seeking election, thereby losing their vote.

With just over two weeks until election day, it's obvious who will be the clear winner in this campaign. Gambling. The extended use of casino vernacular, from obvious to obtuse, has become part and parcel of political discourse. From the basics- 'craps shoot', 'doubling down', 'spin of the wheel' - to the extreme - 'turning Wall Street into a big casino', 'going all in' - to the obscure - 'tipping hands', 'hitting an inside straight', 'table image' - the pervasive use of semantics of gambling, and the odds & advantages thereto related, has proven one thing... the United States is a comp card carrying nation of gamblers. China? P'shaw.

After deep and concentrated consideration of both the customer and business ends of the craps stick, we have made a decision to endorse the only candidate who will satisfy the needs and desires of Las Vegas tourists and the casino owners.

VegasTripping is proud to endorse:

Presidential Endorsement

Pornslapper/Timeshare-Maggot 2008

Seriously folks, VOTE.



Comments & Discussion:

I'm voting for Pornslapper.

I always thought pornslapper would pick $1 bottle water vendor as his running mate. The selection of timeshare maggot has me rethinking my vote.

I hearby nominate (as a loyal VT poster/reader and sumtimes submitter) DonnyMac as Pornslappers running mate!!! And as a loyal Canadian I will be voting many many times in November

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