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Star Trek : The Experience Moving To Oscar Goodman's Big Mouth

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 16th October 2008 5:54pm
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As our oldest and most dedicated reader Vespajet predicted six weeks ago, it's looking more and more likely that StarTrek : The Experience will be moving to Neonopolis.

From the R-J:

"It would be ironic," [Mayor Oscar] Goodman said of the potential for landing Star Trek, which attracted millions of visitors during a 10-year run at the Las Vegas Hilton. "Perhaps the most successful place downtown could be Neonopolis, even though it has been an albatross around my neck all these years."

Neonopolis' honcho Rohit Joshi was taken by surprise by Mr. Goodgin's loose-lippidness:

"You kind of shocked me," Joshi said when asked about the potential move. "I don't know how to respond to that."
He continued: "We are in very serious negotiations. We think it would be a fantastic addition to downtown."

Let's hope that Vespajet gets a piece of the action...

Relatedly, the great Dr. Dave Schwartz has posted yet another space shaking epic, which compares the current past and future states of the Las Vegas Strip with the different flavors of Star Trekkery. There's lots to love here... and here's my fave Shatnerism contained within:

Let me rephrase that: I don't...KNOW what all this MEANS.

This one's a "must read" : To Boldly Go Where No Analogy Has Gone Before.



Comments & Discussion:

That's a very well thought out article. He convinced me!

Despite that it will doubtless take at least a year to put together and the onslaught of Trekkies will keep the place unreasonably busy for the first six months or so, this makes me very happy, and I hope that it goes through. This has made my day. Generally Downtown is a one-evening visit for me during trips, but a resurrection of ST:TE (coupled with the ever-diminishing comps and growing rate of low paybacks on games on the Strip) could turn me into a Downtown Tourist.

I hope they're able to get at least some of the seasoned costumed characters back... April Hebert (T'Pril), Mark Weitz (ChuroQ), and the like. Also, I hope the recipe book gets passed along for Flaming Ribs of Targ and, of course, the Warp Core Breach.

Sounds as though they may be reworking the rides... I'm all in favor of an old-Trek ride with the modern advances in special effects.

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