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Going Postal: Escort Services, El Cortez Cabana Suites & More...

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 14th October 2008 2:26am
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We get a lot of email, some of which we like to share with y'all in the hopes that you might help offer advice to the sender or to share the joy and bewilderment of the person who gets to read and respond to these - me.

First up is an email from reader Tom who writes in:

Have always enjoyed your web site and still do. I will be in vegas in one week. I would like some mature female companionship (not a hooker) for dinner and dancing. do you know a place or places where i could go and meet a lady (between 50 and 65) that could show me the town and i could buy dinner?

Thanks for reading VT and writing in such a great question. The concept of 'Escort Services' is often confused - purposefully - with prostitution. There are a ton of traditional escort services in Las Vegas, which are easily revealed via Googling 'escort services las vegas'. As for the specifics, I can't really steer you to any specific vendor, your best bet is to pick up the phone and make some calls. Additionally, you should check out Craigslist, which is an easy way to hook up person to person minus that agency fees.

Reader Rascal sent in a tip about the El Cortez' new Cabana Suites:

I just wanted to tell you about an email I got about the new remodel at The El Cortez. The new Cabana Suites look pretty good. Considering it is the old Ogden House. You can find them on this site http://www.elcortezhotelcasino.com/ec_hotel/

Anyway, as far as your site, love it, visit it, will probably name my next dog after it.

Arf! Thanks for the tip Rascal. According to the El Cortez webshite, the rooms will have iPod docks, flat panel tv's, iron/board, and a possibly urinated in coffee machine in each room. The Ogden House will be renamed the El Cortez Cabana Suites when it's completed. Progress!

Here's a rendering:

El Cortez Ogden House Cabana Suites

Here's an email to FeltJungle from David:

I was in your websight and I could not find any rates for the hotel. Could you please send me the rate for two persons on November 19,2008

We're not a hotel, we're a websight, we don't have rooms here unless you want to sleep on the floor@$10k/night and don't mind people playing Wii tennis around and over you. Which joint were you referring to?

And a similar one from reader Macie:


Hello MACIE, thanks fo emailing us. I gather you're referring to the Veranda Hotel at Harrah's Tunica. If you'd like to book multiple rooms for your family reunion, contact Harrah's directly, I suggest you use the Arial or Lucida Grande instead of the Verandana... tracks better in IE.

Hello Cleveland!



Comments & Discussion:

"hey VT, love yuor websiet. i wuz wondering if you guyz have hubcaps for a '72 Pinto."
Gotta love it when people don't even realize what they are surfing, let alone what they can and can't do on said website.

In addition to Chuck offering a room at his home out for $10/K a night, I would like to offer a room at my house out for rent. I have a spare bedroom available...20 minutes to the FABULOUS Gulf of Mexico beaches.. I also live 30 minutes from the Scientology Center in Clearwater....so there's LOT'S to do...this room does not come with it's own bathroom, however there is a litter box in the closet and you make occassionally wake up to the cat giving itself a bath nearby......::someone please pickup on the sarcasm::

"hello VT, this is the coolest site I've ever been too, but I was wondering if you could help me plan a trip, I don't like to gamble and I hate booze and broads. Could you suggest some fantastic hotels in Provo Utah. Did I mention that I'm mormon???

Are people really this stupid? Wait don't answer that.

VERANDANA? Isn't that what gangbangers wear on their heads?

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