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Motor Heads Unite At Mandalay Bay Classic Car Event

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 10th October 2008 2:15pm
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Barrett-Jackson Car Collector Auction

I doubt there is a person in the world whose head doesn't turn when they see a vintage car rolling down the street. If you're in the market to add a classic whip to your collection, counter balance that neutered hybrid with a gas guzzling eight-banger full of muscle, or you just want to remember the days when the back seat of a car fit two comfortably in a variety of positions... make a date to attend the Barrett-Jackson Collectible Car Auction at Mandalay Bay next weekend (October 16-18, 2008) or in advance for next year.

In addition to three days of car auctions, various celebrities & their cars will appear... last year featured General Lee w/John Schiender (aka Bo Duke) from Dukes of Hazzard (above), Batmobile, TV show cop cars and more.

As for the auction, browsing the list revealed a ton of groovy cars, from prehistoric to custom. Here's but a mere sampling:

William Shatner's custom motorcycle
1934 Duesenberg
1919 Federal Motor Company Truck
1927 Chandler Standard 6
1965 Pontiac Lemans
1963 Plymouth Fury (Miss Monkay has '66 Fury III)
1967 Chevy Nova
1981 Delorean DMC 12

Now, if only I had a coupla hundred thou sitting around to bid with.... hrm.



Comments & Discussion:

what no lemmy?!

That '34 Duesy is a reproduction.

That black '55 T-Bird convertible looks sharp.

The couple of Packards they've got on the block are beautiful, as is the two '48 Lincoln Continental convertibles.

I am proud to say that lot #437 was painted by my Body Shop (Hammer & Dolly), early in 2007. I did not shoot it myself, since I don't have that kind of time on weekdays. I did, however, prep it for paint, clean up the jambs, and dust in any rough areas therein . I remember listening to the Donny Osmond episode of "The Strip" while I was stressing and working on weekends to get this car done. The paint was done in a fashion to look "original", instead of todays "show car" type finishes.

that is a sharp car... nice job! did you do the black strip around the grill too?

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