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Dear Steve Wynn, Buy Lars' Basquiat

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 10th October 2008 12:31pm
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Basquiat - The Boxer

Dear Steve Wynn,

Pssst. Y'know the painting on the north wall of Blush? The one between the bar and the glass wall that looks out to the casino? Of course you do... how can any real art aficionado not know a Basquiat when they see it, even if it's a reproduction. Well... I've got a little tip for you. The whiny twat who plays drums for Metallica, Lars Ulrich, is pulling the douche move of the century - selling Basquiat's "The Boxer" painting in the middle of an economic melt down. I'm sure you could get this for a song (er 1/3 of a song by Metallica's lengthy standards) when it goes under the gavel on November 12. I know you're not focused on collecting art these days, and this piece won't come cheap - about $15m at auction, but think about it... a friggin real Basquiat delivered in time to hang at Encore's grand opening. I'm sure you've seen the article about it in the New York Times, they mentioned your lending Le Reve and Still Life With Tulips to the Acquavella gallery in it at the end.

Anyhoo Steverino... I hope all is well at Encore, the leaked interior videos on YouTube prove its beauty. Say Hi to Elaine and the dogs for me.... let's do lunch...say early November? I hear the walleye special at El Cortez is to die for.



PS. Danny Gans? Seriously?



Comments & Discussion:

That last Basquiat exhibition at MoCA was a bit of a snoozer man. Walleye though... now we're talking. If you're ever up in my current neck of the woods, Chuck, fridays mean fish fry - walleye, lake perch... awesome.

I like the 'do on the guy with the pissed-off cat on his lap. If I still had hair, I'd go that route.

I second the danny gans comment! WTF!

A cabby once told me. There exists a line drawn in the desert not too far out side of Las Vegas where no one outside that line knows who the hell Danny Gans is.

@bhbh that's the artist. jean-michel basquiat (bas-key-ott)

Ah, no wonder the cat is pissed. It is forced to live with a Frenchman.

Danny Gans is the entertainer of the year! The Mirage marquee told me so and I always believe marquees.

@bhbh actually he's from b'klyn... the french name comes from his Haitian dad. The cat is probably pissed cause Basquiat used the cat food money to feed the drug habit that killed him.

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