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Mastodon Blames New Album On Mandalay Bay Attack

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 9th October 2008 11:39am
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Mastodon Mandalay

If there's one thing we like as much as Vegas it's bone crushing metal! When the two come together... we're in heaven (or hell, you choose.) Thrown in some actual "bone crushing" into the mix and our excitement level becomes immeasurable.

Atlanta-based jazz-thrashers Mastodon recently spoke to Rolling Stone about what inspired the band while writing the follow up to their 2006 masterpiece Blood Mountain.

Mastodon can trace the origins of their fourth album to the pavement in front of the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas. Thatís where the Atlanta metal bandís guitarist-vocalist, Brent Hinds, was attacked and cracked his head open during a drunken altercation following the MTV VMAs in September 2007. Hinds suffered brain hemorrhaging, and then, as he recovered, he was plagued by vertigo.

"I was dizzy for eight months," he says, hanging out at a studio in the band's hometown, along with guitarist Bill Kelliher, bassist-vocalist Troy Sanders and drummer Brann Dailor. "During those months, I just sat with my acoustic and a little marijuana, and wrote all the music. I wanted a more melodic, easy-listening situation, and that definitely came from having head trauma."

Might I suggest a cover of Dean Martin's "Ain't That A Kick In The Head" for a potential B-Side?

"Iron Tusk":



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Drain bamage-o-rama!

What is it with Mastadon and head injuries? I got a concussion during their set at Ozzfest and ended up in a West Palm Beach hospital after I started bleeding from the inside of my ear.
I love them to death!! ^m^

Oh and their CD is BLOOD MOUNTAIN. Kind of like Blood Ocean...(nevermind if you don't want Metalocalypse - my favorite show ever)

There's a Q&A with the band in today's Atlanta FIshwrapper, I mean Journal-Constitution:


Interesting thing to note is that Max Weinberg set them up with Brendan O'Brien, the producer of their new album. He's produced albums for Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Matthew Sweet, Aimee Mann (as well as her husband Michael Penn), Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC, Train, and Incubus.

um, as seen everywhere, the bands name is actually MastOdon, not MastAdon, as a frequent poster here likes to type. too many kicks in the head, indeed.

i like how the article says that he was attacked. by my understanding, and as is the case with this guy, he likes to fight when he gets wasted. it just happened again a few weeks ago. i heard that he was the one that started both fights.
i read that this new cd will be more proggy and less thrashy, which is o.k. with me, as long as its "Yes Album" to "Relayer" proggy, and not Dream Theater proggy.
thanks for this bit of news--mastOdon and vegas-beautiful combo!

Wow I just realized I do that a lot (the spelling). When you work a desk job typing all day everyday all the letters just start to look the same.... I'm an idiot...but who cares.

I find it ironic that someone too lazy to properly capitalize is anal enough to proofread other people's posts.

no one is calling anyone an idiot.
i just feel that the Ultimate Rock Gods of recent times should have their names spelled correctly!

and blackhillsboozehound, i don't know if its laziness, or just being busy with more important things. i thought that not capitalizing on a message board was pretty standard practice. from now on, i will have my secretary type out all of my two sentence messages on my own personal stationary and have her hand deliver it, just to make you happy.

Thank you. Would you please have her deliver it topless?

I'm gonna start spelling it Mastidon.

I'm gonna start calling them the Allmantallicatidons


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