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Freebasing Absinthe, Vicariously With ELV

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 7th October 2008 3:27pm
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I'll skip the feeble attempt to provide clever background information on Vegas culinary blog EatingLV, other than reiterate that it is an essential part of a balanced Vegas loving RSS feed reader's daily diet.

Additionally, I'm going to skip the rundown on what Absinthe is, why its legal and what affects it has on you... suffice to say it's like being drunk without the cloudyness. Finally I won't dare link to a Terence McKenna video which describes the boundary busting psychedelic experience almost as well as last weekend's episode of Entourage.

The rest? Well... I'll let ELV take it from here :Freebasing Absinthe at Fleur de Lys.



Comments & Discussion:

I refuse to recognize Lucid as absinthe -- the thujone content is far too low. There's a place in Hungary that will export the real stuff to the US... I'm far too lazy to do the research, but Modern Drunkard Magazine's online presence has several links/ads.

I actually need to try some absinthe in the proper manner. Earlier this year, I picked up a small sample bottle of Lucid and that stuff tasted bad (And I like the anise/licorice flavor of Pernod and Galliano.) I tried to do all of the proper things but lacked the tools to do so. I know that Hennessey's Tavern over on Fremont had an absinthe fountain at their bar when I was there back in early May.

I may have to give absinthe another try, perhaps have it in a "Death In The Afternoon", a cocktail Ernest Hemingway contributed to a celebrity cocktail book back in the 1930s:

Pour one jigger absinthe into a Champagne glass. Add iced Champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness. Drink three to five of these slowly.

That was a classic episode of Entourage last week. Maybe I will head to Joshua Tree when I am in Palm Springs in November.

"I refuse to recognize Lucid as absinthe -- the thujone content is far too low. There's a place in Hungary that will export the real stuff to the US... I'm far too lazy to do the research"

It is called Century Absinthe and it has 100mg thujone.

I love Absinthe!! We ordered some off the internet a while ago from Switzerland and it was pretty cool. We didn't mix it with the water and sugar, just drank it straight out of the bottle.....it makes you really really relaxed...very nice stuff

a bit of absinthe does well in lots of cocktails, it doesn't just have to be taken the traditional way (which is nice, but improbable to imagine as standard operating procedure for us heavy drinkers).

chuck christened one of my alltime favorite cocktails (on macau tripping?) - Scotch Viking. any new ideas using absinthe?

absinthe can be ordered at absintheonline.com
this is a european site. but if you are looking for 300 liters of thujone/frat boy party crap, do not visit.
absinthe is really supposed to be enjoyed in its classic form, one shot with ice cold water added, sugar or no sugar etc.
anybody that drinks it in shots is a fool and will once again bring about a ban of this drink. it is incredible high in alcohol content and is dangerous. if you want to get drunk and stupid, do shots of rumple and 151 and projectile vomit all over your trailer, but please leave this delicious drink alone.
i have waited far too long to be able to walk into a store in the u.s. and buy a bottle to have white trash go and ruin it for me.

Um..just for the record are you shouting your "white trash" comments at me? We drank it straight because we wanted to. We didn't want to get wasted and throw up everywhere (I don't like going down that road). I've done it in the traditional way and I just like drinking it straight better. We had about 4 shots a piece, felt really really relaxed and just hung out. It was just the BF and I. Ha, and the trailer. That's funny. If you only knew

Now I can't stop picturing RockChick as Joy from My Name is Earl. Ah, how I love theater of the mind!

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