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Star Trek : The Experience Moving To Neonopolis?

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 25th September 2008 12:08pm
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Reader BlackHillsBoozeHouse sent us this thinly (very) sourced blurb published in Wired Magazine's 'underwire' blog.

According to its source - a "spokesman" for registration required Las Vegas swingers community "AmericanLowLife.com" - the shops, museum and rides from ST:TE are moving to Neonopolis, as predicted by our very own Vespajet in the comments to this post.

I don't disagree that Neonopolis/ST:TE pairing isn't in a decent possibility, but sourcing an un-named spokesperson for a swingers website that requires registration to see anything beyond the home page smells like a box of wet Tribbles to me.

Thanks BHBH for sharing the link.



Comments & Discussion:

I'm beginning to wonder if someone read my post and ran with it. Americanlowlife? Sounds like the name of a future Kid Rock album, not a Vegas "entertainment" site.

i was kinda thinking the same thing. i'll bet that someone who reads this also goes to the swinger forum and posted it. the spokesperson then pitched it to a writer wired to drum up some fresh geek meat.

If that is indeed the case, my biggest disappointment in all this is that, if anything, they didn't take the original posting about it opening at the Bellagio and run with it.

Running with the Bellagio angle probably would raise red flags almost immediately.

The troubles with getting folks to Neonopolis is well-publicized in the Las Vegas media and on the numerous Vegas-related sites. That sort of angle sounds more believable than to say the ST:TE is moving to a high-end Strip hotel. If someone were going to concoct a story of it moving to a hotel on the Strip, they might get away with somewhere like the PHo or maybe the Flamingo (run a rumor that they're going to close O'Sheas and put the Star Trek attraction there). The Trop or even Circus Circus would have more believability than the Bellagio or the Wynn or the Venetiapolooza.

Either I'm freakin' Nostradamus or someone trolls Vegas boards for ideas:


Looks like a deal may be at hand to put ST:TE at Neonopolis. If this happens, I want a piece of the action.

absolutely... i'm gonna post about this after the vegas gang call is done in an hr or so...

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