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HotelChatter Reviews Monte Carlo

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 23rd September 2008 3:36pm
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Global hotel trotting blog Hotel Chatter has published a review of Monte Carlo, including a brief video walkthrough.

The highlights include obvious revelations that Monte Carlo's rooms don't match the "official hotel pic," the walls are thin, the rooms smell like smoke and the wired-only internet connection costs too much.

Perhaps the only nugget I gleaned from reading Hotel Chatter's Monte Carlo review is that the reviewer has zero taste in casino carpet as MC's plush 2007 pile kicks a whole bunch of Wynn-inspired floral print ass.

It's been said that the first stage of blogging technique is the rant, the second stage, the snarky rant and the third stage, the sarcastically snarky rant. It's also been said that blogging as a medium will die from over reliance on the language of criticism. Simply put, only those who can communicate beyond listing complaints will be saved from a fiery plunge off the self-publishing soap box... i.e. anyone can complain.

The other thing I learned - our hotel reviews eat everyone else's room service.



Comments & Discussion:

Yeah, I read their review out of curiosity. I thought the hotel was nice, yet bland. For $60 a night, I would definitely stay there but not over other places for the same price. Also, CityCenter construction next door put some damper on the experience.

I don't understand how MGM could want $66 for these rooms and turn around and give the seemingly kick-ass rooms at T.I. away for $55. That is my next Vegas stay hopefully.

Good points. The kicker is that only the most informed vegas visitors (folks like you who visit sites like this to do research) know that there's a big difference between MC and the whoopass rooms at TI. The other 39.5 Million people just book based on price, comp or friend suggestion.

I'm guessing that MC is going to be in holding pattern for the next four years, then it's gonna be wrecked to make way for "Sonata" (Aria II)

I pretty much hate everything about the Monte Carlo. It's a fake "classy."
Like previous people have said, there is no theme, the restaurants are just called "Steakhouse" and "Cafe" and the carpet deoderizer smell they pump in that place is horrible. It's so damn strong and then you come out smelling like it. Barf.
I agree with Chuck, people that are on a first timer to Vegas will stay here because of the cheap rates (same with Circus Circus, cheap room, first time to Vegas, they'll stay).
But I'd take TI over MC any day of the week. Hell I'd take IP over MC.

As much as I enjoy the IP there is no comparison between that and the MC. As vanilla as the MC is it is definitely a step up from the IP. When I stayed there last year it was a nice room with decent furnishings and a great pillowtop bed. I am staying there again in November and will send Chuck the photos when I get back.

Yeah, I will admit my stay at the Monte Carlo was a clean, decent-sized room last July and it was around $55-$60 a night during the week, which isn't bad. T.I. was like over $100 at the time.

I don't know if anyone else is a Harrah's Total Rewards Club member but I got an offer for two free nights at a few of their casino for the month of October. I picked Harrah's because they (somehow?) let me choose a Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 25-26.

I'm not a big-time gambler at all and I'm not sure who else got this typ of offer. But I got airfare for less than $300 and am heading out for a three-day weekend now. Woo-hoo, even though I'm not a huge Harrah's fan.

Also, the nicest room I've ever stayed in in Vegas is a tie between the Mandalay Bay standard and the Flamingo Go.

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