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Exclusive* : ARIA's Logo (*partially)

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 19th September 2008 4:35pm
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Aria Las Vegas Logo

Knowing how much we love casino logos... the folks from MGMMirage just this minute sent over ARIA's logo, which we're proud to published here for the first time anywhere(*). I'll be adding some analysis in the next few hours, but I wanted to post it as quickly as possible.

* apparently it was in a word doc they sent out to the main stream media a few days ago also tacked to a rendering.

Whaddya think?



Comments & Discussion:

Star Fleet called.... They want their logo back.

My first thought it that it is a female pop star's autograph!

Why does it make me think the name of the place is "A rio"?

It least it doesn't have a fat lady singing opera.....

can someone well-versed in photoshop make that say Aereola instead?
huh huh m huh huh

Er, it's hardly an exclusive. ;)

A CityCenter booklet I got from the Bellagio sales centre about 6 weeks ago has this same logo, and it's been on the renovated MGM-Mirage employment site for several weeks now.

Yeah yeah yeah. Stop stealing our fraudulent glory will ya! :D

i'm no handwriting expert, but i swear that that is ELVIS' HANDWRITING!

Not bad, but it reminds me of McDonald's Golden Arches.

The more I think about it, shouldn't that be the logo for a nondescript luxury hotel in downtown St. Louis?

Isn't that the same stylized A that Chris Angel wears?

Wow I expected it to be a super ultra modern really tall narrow letters like the hotel is supposed to be. This just looks.....cheap....

The thing is, when you don't have a damn theme, your hotel can't have an appropriate name. Luxor HAD an Egyptian theme, so they named it after an Egyptian city. NYNY was named after the city. Bellagio was named after the place in Italy. Circus Circus was named after the damn circus. But with CityCenter, you just have modernism and glass, which is why they're forced to name the best resort in the world "Aria."

My suggestion:
Kerkorian Las Vegas

I think it is awesome. I wonder how long it took to come up with that. Probably months!

and my suggestion... aria shouldve been a new mgm grang las vegas, then sell off the old mgm grand...

Having stayed at Aria this New Year's Eve weekend, I thought to myself, (being a logo/graphic designer), Will the logo will grow on me after experiencing the resort? Will I hate it as much as I do now?

It looks like a 16 year old girl wrote it with a calligraphy pen.

The resort felt like anything but. It was masculine, architectural, textural, dark, angular and strong. I thought it was beautiful. The logo never grew on me, and now I dislike it more than I did before (after seeing it about 500 different applications from a soap to chocolates, to bathrobes to hangers to sewing kits.)

I found this blog while researching which firm was behind it and how it was chosen. I am still amazed.

I understand the musical reference and a need to create something free and somewhat flowing (I do like the dotted 'i"). But the 'Cheerleader's yearbook signature' doesn't seem to work.

Maybe it's just me.

If anyone has a link to the background, I'd love to learn more.

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