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UltimateBet Poker Sues Software Developer Over Hole Card Peekaboo Fraud

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 18th September 2008 3:13pm
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Man... I love stoppped playing poker online. While most of the rest of the world were traipsing around Azeroth searching for meat, mining (tink-tink-tink) or wielding a Vengeful Gladiators Bonegrinder on unsuspecting Dragonhawks, I wasted my pre-dawn hours engaging in all manner of check raising, slow playing and - *gasp* - coming into the money on most of the low stakes Sit-N-Go's I entered.

Then the bots & team players started showing up.

I break with you, I break with you, I break with you... then I throw dog poop on your shoes - Steve Martin

Breaking up with online poker was equally as messy as ending that wacko relationship where all moments are ecstasy and utter disgust. Online poker and I had 'the break up sex' and I finished "up" a coupla hundred bucks... leaving this gambler with a yearning to yet again wade in the green velvet sea.

Standing firm, I dutifully removed the "PokerRoom.com" bookmark from my browser, removed the software, packed up my Harrington and Vorhaus books, cleaned off my desk, lit some sage and did a "No More Online Poker" voodoo dance. I even quit playing in my semi-regular home games and stopped attending ArmyOfBobs tournaments.

I have a short fuse when it comes to cheating, unlike the folks who've been 'playing' on UltimateBet.com for the last... uh... four years.

Via msnbc.com:

Allegations that cheaters manipulated the software powering a leading Internet poker site so they could see their opponents' hole cards have triggered a $75 million claim against a Canadian company, msnbc.com has learned.

The alleged subterfuge on UltimateBet.com - one of the 10 top poker sites - is the biggest known case of fraud targeting an Internet gambling site and its customers, according to the company that owns the site. It is similar to a case of cheating that occurred last year on UltimateBet's sister site, AbsolutePoker.com, but this time the thieves ran the scheme for far longer - at least from January 2005 to January 2008, it said.

The jist of the story is that the folks who built the software, Excapsa Software Inc,, allegedly sewed some backdoors into the software allowing "people" to see other players hole cards.

Excapsa Software powers UltimateBet.com, AbsolutePoker.com, UltimatePoker.com, CardPlayerPoker.com, UpperClassPoker.com, MagicPalacePoker.com, DV8Poker.com, GreenTiePoker.com, DevilfishPoker.com, and probably many more. It's not known whether or not this collusion has taken place on these other sites as well.

It's my belief that not only should these jokers be forced to pay back every cent of the money (plus interest) but they should be a) banned from land based casinos b) banned from online casinos c) have their computer use rights removed forever d) have sharpened toothpicks stuck up their bum by every single person who was cheated, pin the tail on the donkey style.

Harsh? Maybe. In the old days, guys like this would get an all expense paid permanent vacation in the Nevada desert.



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