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More Starship Related Irony At The Las Vegas Hilton

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 12th September 2008 5:58am
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Apparently the folks at the Las Vegas Hilton have a compelling need to have at least one Starship in the building at all times.

With NCC-1701 temporarily klinging on to the the ceiling of the Star Trek Experience by a most tenuous array of bolts, the screwballs at the Hilton have already booked a new Starship to come visit. No, not another Trek ship, or the Millennium Falcon for that matter but 80's abomination, the Airplane and Jefferson-less Starship - proud owners of my very thoroughly researched opinion of what exactly is the worst song ever written.

I dare not even type the name, lest I puke, jump out the window, jump into the tub with an XBox, get squashed by giant dice rolling down Fremont Street or am suddenly trampled by a herd of Fanilows.

Click play (with the volume up). I dare ya.

Resistance is Futile... Starship at the Hilton October 10th, 2008.



Comments & Discussion:

OK well since I'm at work and I can't see the video...I'm going to guess the song is......We built this city!! We built this city on rock and rollllllllllll......

(Wow this is going to be horrible if I got that wrong....and the video is actually of something else, after I just belted that out for everyone)

In addition to the still shots of Fremont Street, right around 2:55 look for Atlantic City's Claridge and Sands casinos, with other buildings proto-photoshopped in around them. Someone in the video production side might have had a little gambling problem.

I think we've got the theme for Pinnacle's possible AC casino--"Rock and Roll City!"

Watching through to the end, they show up twice more. Freaky. For the sake of comparison, check this: http://z.about.com/d/honeymoons/1/5/Z/V/AC7-claridge_sands.jpg
and tell me that I'm wrong.

@Dave702 thats definitely 80's AC.... I saw that in there also while hiding my eyes from the ghoulish yet well coiffed Grace Slick

Could be a new Fremont Street Experience show.
Is the male lead singer the same dude from BJ and the Bear? A tv show about a man and his monkey, who could get tired of that!

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