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Star Trek : The Experience Moving To Bellagio

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 9th September 2008 8:31am
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StarTrek : The Experience is moving to Bellagio.

How about that for an attention grabbing headline? Pretty spiffy innit?

Before the PR folks from Bellagio fire up the Outlook and start scribbling away another one of their 'please remove that post' emails, I guess I should point out the semi-obvious : StarTrek:The Experience isn't moving to Bellagio or the Las Vegas Hilton. But it is moving... somewhere.

No, it's not being destroyed, dumpstered, incinerated or stuffed into a bullet shaped black coffin and shot into space whilst James 'Scotty' Doohan dons kilt and pipes for an elegiac send-off. According to The USA Today (not to be confused with USA Today, nation) ST:TE's stuff is being packed up and sent to Paramount, holders of the rights to the Trek franchise.

All true Trek fans know that when faced with Kobayashi Maru, the method for extraction can only be found by cadets (or officers) who have a knack for solving the impossible. Certainly, the eggheads at Paramount Studios have got to have at least one suitable candidate in their ranks. If not, I volunteer.

With the StarTrek franchise ready to launch a fresh box office assault starting Memorial Day weekend 2009, it's probably too late for ST:TE to be unpacked and installed at a new resort. But before we get into the ST:TE2 : The Raft of Con-jecture, please allow me to point out some semi-interesting similarities between ST:TE's current thicket and that experienced by everyone's favorite half-Vulcan.

ST:TE's situation is uncannily similar to Mr. Spock's crispy radiological demise, and subsequent deep (space) sixing at the end of StarTrek II: The Wrath of Khan. Seeing his imminent death, Spock mindmelded his memories into Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoys brain, essentially 'backing up' his Spock-drive (ie packing up for storage at Paramount). His corpse filled casket landed on Genesis (no, not Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford) a formerly barren planet, rendered living by a 'bioweapon' which it replicates the biblical creation story (Genesis) with a big bang. The Project:Genesis weapon, coveted in ST:II by the wrathful Khan, was built by Captain Kirk's ex-wife and his estranged son, David, who sports the 'wet look'. After his casket landed on Genesis, some goop from bio planet melded with Spock's leftovers, beginning a process of rebirth outlined in Star Trek III : The Search For Spock. Eventually, Spock is recovered from Planet Genesis, gets his mind back from Bones McCoy and spends two hours goofing off in San Francisco with Captain Kirk in Star Trek IV (aka 'The Funny/Lousy One').

So the question is not if ST:TE will find it's own planet Genesis and be reborn, but where and when. If the new movie goes bust, then we can consider ST:TE mothballed as far as Vegas goes. If not? I'm ready to throw down a big pile of cash on..... The Riviera as the future home of ST:TE. Why? The Riv loves convention business, particularly all manner of collectors and peculiar dorks - of which StarTrek fans are both. Specifically, I'm talking about the Casino Chip convention and the grandaddy of 'em all geekdom - Defcon, the computer hackers convention.

If Paramount & Cedar Fair Entertainment (who operated ST:TE) are reading this... give the Riv a shout : (702) 794 9527 and ask for William Westerman or Robert Vannucci.

Oh and big thanks to BlackHillsBoozeHound for sending in the link to The USA Today. Thanks BHBH!

Typos are what happens when you post stuff a little drink.



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I will readily admit that I'm large, but not quite house-sized yet... that'd be "BlackHillsBoozeHound." ;)

Thanks for passing along the info!

All too well am I familiar with the perils of drinktyping. And yet, I'm still merely amateur class... after lamenting my having ruined a keyboard by spilling a mere few drops of beer in it, my father replied, "A professional drinker doesn't spill."

Great article, by the way -- the headline suckered me April-Fool's style, as I can only hope that it does many others.

I've got a thought about where they could put it: Neonopolis.

I can honestly say that this is the only reason I would visit Neonopolis.

What about someplace like the Silverton?

Or, using "A Piece of the Action" as a pretext, they could put it in the forthcoming Mob Museum.

When I was at ST:TE three weeks ago, we were told by the attraction's General Manager that only the things that belonged to Paramount would be returned (the majority of the items in the museum). The rest of it (from the costumes, to the bridge set) would be destroyed per Cedar Fair's license agreement with Paramount. I for one think the Riv would be a great place for this and lend new life to the faded lady.

My vote would be for Planet Hollywood, I always thought it would be a pretty solid fit, not too mention with the way they co-promote with the Miracle Mile shops in selling their total experience, there would be plenty of space to fill if they decided to put it in the mall.

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