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The New Standard Deluxe Rooms At The Eastside Cannery

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 5th September 2008 2:17am
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Eastside Cannery Casino

As has been widely reported, including here, the Eastside Cannery - a new locals(ish) joint on Boulder Highway - opened last weekend. Based on some of the reviews - particularly fellow VegasGangster David McKee's obfuscated way of saying that the lightshow on the tower is... trippy - the E-Can (another McKee-ism, poached) is on the top of my Vegas to-do list.

Being a snoop... I decided to Super Poke the folks at the E-Can to get some photos of the rooms for fetish and rumplement. They responded pretty much instantly with a hi-res version of the puny photo on their room detail page. I'm told that even more room pix will arrive shortly.

A little background - the Eastside Cannery Hotel & Casino's tower is 16 floors of exposed steel and glass with a "saw tooth" shaped roof. The part in the photo with the railing around it is the OneSix lounge and kitchen, which boasts a panoramic view of The Strip. OneSix is scheduled to open this fall.

The hotel tower has 307 rooms and suites in three flavors : Standard, Deluxe and Suite. Standard and deluxe are 450+ square feet, which is larger or equivalent in size to the standard rooms at New York-New York (Skyline, Park Avenue Deluxe and Broadway Deluxe.) The suites at Eastside Cannery come in two flavors - the Corner Suite and the Executive. Corner Suite (600 sq ft - about 100 sq ft smaller than the ones at Encore) are located on the corners of the building, have a separate bedroom, jacuzzi tub with a view (!) and a large glass shower stall. Five of those saw tooth thing-a-ma-jigs on the roof are Executive Suites (900 sq ft) and they come with all the fix'ns of the Corner Suites plus the great view.

So what do they look like?

Being that the Eastside Cannery was built for the bargain basement price of $250M dollars, the folks at E-Can really did a fantastic job putting together some really spiffy rooms at such a low cost. You can see where some of the cost savings comes from, but most of this stuff isn't really essential anyways. Having a muppet fuzzy square orange bolster on the bed is kinda cool, but seriously now... do we need that stuff?

Eastside Cannery Casino

Eastside Cannery Standard/Deluxe King

I'm not exactly sure if this is a standard or a deluxe as the descriptions provided don't point out any difference between the two, I'll venture that its essentially "both". The decor takes equal parts from current hotel room design and a few spoons of 1960's European modern design, particularly the furniture.

Eastside Cannery Casino King Room

Bedside Decor

I'm not sure if the stone countertop to the left is just that, or if there's a minibar over there as well. It's probably just a shelf for drinking glasses, ice buckets and the like. The lamp and the end tables are definitely 1960's Danish modernist - I'm only familiar with this because that's what my folks purchased in 1966, three years before I showed up on the scene. The night stand does have a slight touch of Asian influence with the handles two tones of wood. The headboard is a reverse bevel framing of what is probably a vinyl covered cushion. There's some indentations on it but I can't make out what it is even when I zoom in on the hi-res photo in Photoshop. Also notice no throw pillows or bolsters - an example of how they kept costs down by taking out stuff that really isn't needed. The white duvet has a striped throw on it for stain protection. It's a minor point of opinion, but the fabric and color choices aren't exactingly cohesive.

Eastside Cannery Casino King Room Decor

Chairs, Desk, TV and Heeeeere's Johnnny!

The blackout curtain - a wine hued bouquet of stripes that echoes the old multi-colored one on the set of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson - really hammers home the mid-century cocktail industrial modern of the E-Can, if there is such a thing as mid-century cocktail industrial modern. Throw in the inviting to entry stripes on the carpet and it's perpendicular counterpart thrown on the bed and we've got more stripes than a brigade of army officers riding zebras through a Fruit Stripe gum factory. It's also equally loud. Loud is good.

Check out the curvy armed gingerbread lounge chair on the left... I can almost smell it right out of the oven. The curvy armed desk chair to the right is also of the Danish 1960's modern school as well. If you eyeball the laptop (not included) there are no ethernet cables attached, that's a Microsoft Intellimouse, which could mean that the Eastside Cannery has wifi. It does have a 37" plasma screen tv's on a horizontally adjustable base.

Ok, So How Much?

A quick scan of rates via the Eastside Cannery website for the weekend of Chuckmonster's Mega-Birthday Throwdown reveals rates of $129/night for the Standard King. For the same weekend via Kayak.com I found : various two star joints on Fremont St for around $70/nt, Riviera : $90/nt, Circus Circus : $130/nt, Golden Nugget : $153/nt, Trump : $163/nt, Excalibur : $201/nt, Flamingo : $206/nt, Venetian : $290/nt, Palazzo : $340/nt, THEhotel : $500/nt and Wynn Las Vegas for $509/nt.

You make the call... does the rate for Eastside Cannery stack up comparatively?


After studying these photos and reading about the ideas behind Eastside Cannery's design, I'm astonished by it's sparse industrial style and the bold, yet playful, mish-mash of retro-futurism and the contemporary. If anything, it proves that a well conceived design, executed within specific technical and financial limitations doesn't have to be ugly, thoughtless or more of the same. I'm really curious how the E-Can is going weather over time and what the return on investment will be compared to the $9.2 billion dollars CityCenter monstrosity.

I've also set my sights on a late night bubbling in the Corner Suite jacuzzi, soaking up as much of the Las Vegas skyline - and straight scotch - as is humanly possible.

I love Las Vegas.



Comments & Discussion:

$201 a night for Excalibur!? What weekend is your birthday on? New Years Eve? LoL
That's the most expensive I've ever seen a room at the Excal

The room rates for that weekend are crazy because of the SEMA show and Madonna concerts. The MGM is $300 a night

Does this also mean you are coming to Vegas that weekend??

What weekend is it? If it's in November it's going to be sketchy because I'm going to Atlanta two weekends in that month.
But I will however, be in Vegas in April.

I had went through the eCan's casino area last weekend and I was impressed. First, it was harder to find a parking spot than it is Dec 23 at the mall--I actually had to circle around. I can't remember the last time that's happened at a casino.

Inside, everything is spiffy and new. The industrial look really works, and I think it's a big upgrade from the original Cannery, which was perfectly acceptable. There were HUGE lines for the player's club and the buffet. This was a few minutes after 4, so I guess it was the early bird rush or something.

It looks like a lot of fun.

Nov 7... the weekend after erection day. Still considering our options for what to do.

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