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New Feature Posted : Montbleu Lake Tahoe : The RenoTripping Review

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 4th September 2008 3:13am
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Montbleu Lake Tahoe Hotel Review Just a little note to folks tuned into our RSS feed that we just posted a review of Montbleu Lake Tahoe over on RenoTripping. Some older Tahoe trippers may remember Montbleu from its prior incarnation - Caesars Tahoe.

We visited in August 2007 about four weeks before I went on the crazy Macau trip. Last fall was a pretty busy time for me, so getting this review published was lower priority. Additionally, Montbleu totally screwed us on the pet friendly Bleu Ribbon Pets package, delivering about 20% of what was promised on their website.

Mrs. Mo dutifully logged a complaint via their website shortly after we returned, which the Montbleu folks finally got around to responding to a whopping six months later in January 2008 - once the Columbia Sussex house of cards started to cave in.

Upon receipt of their offer (explained in the review), we immediately responded with the same request we had initially made - we wanted a partial refund (a measly $50 bucks or so) for the incomplete dog package. I figured that since it took them six months to respond the first time, we should wait six months for another response before posting what was most likely going to be a lousy review.

The six months are up, we've gotten no response to our request and decided to call bullshit on their broken promises and lousy customer service. Little did they know that they were jerking around folks whose business it is to write reviews of casino resorts. Montblowme.

Anyways, here it is... Montbleu Lake Tahoe : The RenoTripping Review 2008 featuring tons of photos of my pooch Maxine looking like a goober.


PS... I just added the comments thingy to the RenoTripping feature pages, so if you're inclined to give it a test run, we'd much appreciate it. Also, be sure to share the link with other Reno & Tahoe tripping friends so they don't make the same mistake we did.



Comments & Discussion:

Sorry to hear that they let you down on the Bleu Ribbon Pets package, but happy to see your pooch pics -- any review benefits from a canine presence.

thanks boozehound. she's a great dog even if she looks like a cross between a bulldog and a walleye

I've become inured... my neighbors have a canine companion that is a mix of about four dogs that don't go together, to whom my wife and I refer as "ugly dog." Comparitively, your Maxine is beauty pageant material.

Nice thing about dogs, they don't care what they look like, and they're always ready to go (are you listening, Mrs. Boozehound? They don't need "five more minutes.")

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