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Las Vegas Wet Treads Water

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 3rd September 2008 4:52pm
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The Las Vegas Sun did a little sniffing around the Las Vegas Wet project, planned to occupy a large swath of desert between South Point and M Resort.

The takeaway is more of the same - credit markets and overactive imagination has pushed it to the back burner. The water is still simmering, but barely.

Back when this was initially announced, we called horseshit on Las Vegas Wet's overarching desires. After a few more years of consideration, I'm shocked to say that I kinda hope that Las Vegas Wet actually gets built.

So why the change of heart? Its simple. Vegas, in it's very essence, is an intersection of the impossible and the preposterous. As exemplified by mammoth feats of architectural engineering to the low-rent partially talented, pandering crooning of Wayne F. Newton... Las Vegas is built not on sand or the backs of beat down gamblers, but instead by the vision of those who truly dare to dream. Yes, Las Vegas Wet is ridiculously tacky in scope and concept, but you'd have to be a complete curmudgeon to not think that this...

Las Vegas Wet Vintage Vegas Pool

... might just be the greatest Vegas pool. Ever. End of Story. Checkmate. Signed Sealed Delivered. Las Vegas meets Waterworld... with gigantic floating dice and a wave gushing slot machine. Jack-f-ing-pot.

Las Vegas Wet Casino Anaconda

As the mew of "bring back the themes" grows into a roar, tourists like us can find at least a little bit of solace in knowing that the Mirage's jungle theme might move 15 miles down the street to the ominously titled Casino Anaconda (cue somewhat inappropriate, yet still fitting rattlesnake tail sound effect - chchchchchchch!). Cocktail servers with snakes around their necks?

Sign me up. Now!

Please excuse this (mis)appropriation of the classic lyric from Bob Dylan's "Stuck Inside of Mobile (With The Memphis Blues Again)":

Las Vegas Wet isn't what Vegas tourists want, it's what we need.



Comments & Discussion:

If you read the LV Sun article, down near the bottom is a cute little tidbit. The company planning this project has 240 employees that telecommute. That's an awful lot of people to pay, even if you don't have the overhead of a B&M office. Makes me wonder what these people were really doing.

According to one of the most recent press releases, i'd guess that their employees are working on their plan to buy theme parks & develop $trategic partnership$.

I'm not usually this blunt, but who gives a rats ass about tourists. They have excellent pools to choose from at their own hotels. This city is totally lacking in water fun and it's hell on Earth. At least in Phoenix there's a water park somewhere. I know there has to be.

The community could really use something like this, basically. It's been missing Wet & Wild since it shut down.

@MinVegas Being that my relationship with Las Vegas is based on being a tourist, I purposefully passed on attempting to gauge Las Vegas Wet's value to the local community at large. It should also be known that tourists are what pays for most of this stuff. As evidenced by the recent economic bumps and decreasing revenue, if tourists don't visit... Las Vegas will close.

You're right, Phoenix has a waterpark, and it's right in the middle of the damn desert, I don't even know if it's in the actual city limits. We were driving through AZ a few years back and after hours of seeing nothing but cactus and prarie dogs for hours, out comes this water park with nothing around it but desert. Now this was like 4 years ago so something might be built up around it now...not sure.

Oh and as far as this waterpark goes, I agree with Chuck on the greatest pool ever being that sloshing SlotMachine. I want one in my backyard, pronto.

I think something like this would be great for the community itself as well as the tourists (though it may bring more kids into the city.) It could also be beneficial to some of the places without a pool. Make a partnership and a few free shuttles and suddenly Casino Royal* has the best pool in Vegas.

They do not have 240 employees according to the word on the street. If you look at the website you will see they have "partners" lined up but no real employees. Google the people on their website and you will see they all have jobs elsewhere. i think someone needs to dig a little deeper to see who these people really are.

And yes, I want a pool with a slot machine in my backyard too!

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