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Tropicana Redux

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 26th August 2008 1:54pm
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Forgive me father, for I have sinned... it's been two years since my last confession and in that time, I've subjected my guests to the threat of bed bugs, scared them with the possibility of E-coli in my water supply, I've let escalators break down, compromised employee trust and jeopardized the health and safety of guests due to mismanagement and greed.

Go on my son.

I've disregarded my standing in the community at large and selfishly battled representatives of those who work for me and my customers.

Go on my son.

I've borne false witness against my neighbor - local journalist Jeff Simpson - and I've charged too much for rooms at times.

Continue... my son,

I've filed for bankruptcy?


Generated fake publicity by promising to demolish and rebuild myself?


I did it twice?


I haven't redesigned my website in five years?

Oh Forget it! Tight slots and loose girls my son, but that's neither here nor there. I absolve you of your sins o Tropicana Las Vegas, lest you say twenty-one rosaries, pick up the trash outside, get the chick from Survivor off the marquee already, ditch that creepy Bodies show, be nice to your neighbors and employees, restore the luster to the Tiffany on The Strip AND redesign your website.

* * *

Faux-penance ritual aside, blaming the Tropicana (the building) for it's ills is sorta like blaming Anita Bryant for the gut gurgling soft drink which masquerades as Sunny D. However, does this fresh slathering of shiny happy union agreements, excision and fumigation of two death magnetic shows (Titanic and Bodies : The Exhibition) coupled with a blue washing of fresh html, all administered by a new crew of albatross free Admirals signal that maybe... just maybe... it's time to forgive and forget the Tropicana's past digressions? Or shall we opt towards a Khanian path of room service retribution, wherein revenge, is a dish best served cold.

Perhaps it's too early to tell whether the cheeks in orbit before us are features more prone for a kiss or a slap.



Comments & Discussion:

Wait, did I just see the words "room service" and "Tropicana" in the same sentence? I hope not.........god I don't even want to know what room service at the Tropicana is like....

surprisingly...i had a good experience here this last july. 5 nights at 28$ a pop through expedia for a garden room. Tried the 20$ trick at checkin and got upgraded to the paradise tower. Honestly it was a great room. The divided window thing was kind of weird, but i had a great view of the rest of the strip. The restaurants were average, but cheap. And with the MGM right next door, it wasnt far to fine dining. The paradise buffet (which was comped for the husband gambling nonstop 3-4 hours at the tables) felt like my local golden corral. But heck, it costs 9$ for breakfast, which is actually 3 dollars cheaper than Golden corral's.

The Trop's pool may be aging a tad, but is still sprawling and tropical. We had fun with the waterfalls and the hot tubs. Mint Mondays were very entertaining. The casino was nice too....easy to navigate and small, yet still with entertaining dealers and staff. I had a great time for 28$ a night (Snicker).

thanks for sharing the details of your trip. the trop has a new exec team in place trying to undo the damage of the past year or so and your mini-report is evidence that possibly they're on the right track.

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