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El Cortez Redesigns Website AGAIN And This One Is A Stinker!

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 22nd August 2008 4:21am
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El Cortez Redesign

El Cortez has redesigned its website yet again... this is the third time in three years with the last one (which was really really well done) launched less than a year ago.

As I hope you can see by the call outs (in red) that I tacked onto the screen shot, that this new site is a complete and utter stinker!

I know that a lot of this stuff is real esoteric web geek stuff (which I know a lot of you are similarly inclined/employed) but by the very fact that you're reading this you've demonstrated good taste in spiffy web design (wink-nudge).

Some of the best of the worst:

The top right corner "peels off" to show a listing of promotions, which include White Castle Burgers delivered to your gaming station on Labor Day Weekend 2008.

There's a link in the footer which says "Add Your Link" so if you want folks to know about your porn site, Eagles cover band, MySpace page or possibly something else incredibly spammy... the El Cortez would love to have you.

The text on the buttons aren't lined up vertically.

There's a weird gray bar under the nav that goes 2/3 of the way across the screen. Why?

The handle on the slider is probably the smallest slider handle i've seen other than the volume slider in iTunes.

"hotel registration" : GET STARTED? I can check in online? Oh... they mean "hotel reservations. Riiiiiiight.

There's a ton of other design booboos and weird sloppy design work. What a mess!

Big props to the folks at local design firm Bizwala for getting El Cortez to replace their previously spiffy website with this mess.



Comments & Discussion:

Chuck, do you really want people taking a critical look at the VegasTripping web design and pointing out all of the things wrong with it?

Give the El Cortez a break. Nothing on their site breaks functionality, even if the design isn't to your liking.

Plus: people shown in the picture were just modeling for the photo and NOT ACTUAL GUESTS.

If that someone is a demonstrated and respected professional in the field who has been designing and building websites since the inception of the internet, including a handful of the top 100 web properties and top 10 online retailers? Definitely, I'd love to have that persons input.

The neon sign saying "gambling" is definitely not needed. 99.9% of the folks booking a room there are there for the gambling. It would be like a restaurant website putting a similar sign saying "restaurant" in a similar manner.

The site is a bit busy. Too many animated elements to really focus on one thing.

As for the "models", every casino and hotel does that. Nobody wants prospective guests to think that their hotel is full of white trash and all other types of assorted douchebags. Same thing goes with the room photos on a site, many of them tend to be gussied up shots that are not even close to what you really get. The view from the windows in many cases has been Photoshopped in.

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