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Harrah's Sucks Dept: Wheel of Fortune Slots Bounced From Ballys, Paris

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 18th August 2008 5:47am
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R. S. T. L. N. and E.

At some point those five letters and a vowel became the 'basic strategy' of Wheel of Fortune's showcase showdown. They became gimmies... an expected part of the Wheel experience every evening in living rooms across this great land of ours.

Similarly, the Wheel of Fortune slot machine has become a fixture on the casino floor, and one semi-successful session at a bank of machines hi-fiving someone's grandma and you'll know why. There are so many things about Wheel of Fortune slots that are engaging. From the opening four note arpeggio (bong bang bing beng!) to the *thwang* when a SPIN symbol shows up in the third window to the time ticking beeps of SPIN button anticipation, to the rat-a-tat of the big wheel in motion. For those of us who have been lucky enough to hit the "big one" on Wheel of Fortune slots, the sounds of the 'showbiz' fanfare, ooh's and ahh's of a faux crowd and a smattering applause is a crown one covets to wear again and again.

Apparently, our losing money on machines isn't enough for Harrah's... now they want to take the fun part out of the experience too.

Harrah's has removed all Wheel of Fortune slots from Paris and Ballys.

According to Harrah's online slot finder Wheel of Fortune machines are still listed at Paris, but not at Ballys Las Vegas.

Why did they remove Wheel of Fortune machines from Paris and Ballys?Name brand interactive machines cost them more in licensing fees than a bank of nondescript Blazing 7's, Crystal Fives, Monkey Bananas or Loser Lovemans. They have opted to cut costs and increase profits by taking one of the most fun slot machines ever invented off the floor. They may have also sent many of their slot playing customers to casinos owned by the competition.

Pardon my very extensive understanding of a very limited sector of the "French" language, but only one word truly describes how this makes me feel about Harrah's... they're a bunch of a**hole*.

You can bet your ass there are three "S"'s hidden behind the asterisks in the above word. Vanna?

With this heinous act of sheer unadulterated corporate greed and disregard for customers, Harrah's has proven that they don't care at all about our 'fun' regardless of how they have sold the concept of gambling being "paying for entertainment." This is all about Harrah's making Harrah's a profit even if Harrah's spokesmouth Gary Thompson tells Liz Benston in the LV Sun that the games were removed because they weren't popular with players. Wheel of Fortune? Not popular with players? How truly out of touch are these numbskulls?

At the Vegas Podcast-A-Palooza I asked Palms owner George Maloof a direct question about how he balances his casinos playability versus making a profit. Here's the question as I had prepared it before hand, as you'll hear when the podcast is posted, it came out a little differently.

The Palms has been a perennial winner of many 'Best of Vegas' awards - including those voted on by locals (R-J) AND tourists (VT) - what is your philosophy regarding balancing playability and profit when calibrating the machines at Palms? How do you know when 'the sweet spot' has moved in either direction and how quickly does your team react?

George answered the question by saying in essence that he guarantees that Palms will have the best pay tables in town, bar none. Additionally they look to have a great mix of name games that people love to play as well as a handful of the newer ones for people to try. It's his philosophy (an obvious one that seems to be largely overlooked by some other operators) that the reason why people come to Las Vegas is to have fun.

Outside of nearly every casino cage there are problem gambling informational pamphlets which say very delicately in large white serif letters "When The Fun Stops" over a photo of a sky at sunset.

Guess what Harrah's... the fun stopped. You stopped it.

Wheel of Fortune Slots Removed from Ballys Las Vegas, Paris Las Vegas

On a side note, I'm not sure if this was done on purpose, but the Las Vegas Sun has categorized their story about this under "Looking in on Education".



Comments & Discussion:

Well when you combine Harrah's removing the Wheel Of Fortune games along with the Remodelgate scandals, 6/5 Blackjack, reduction of benefits for all levels of Total Rewards members, and high prices on everything else, there really isn't a reason to visit their casinos any more.

Maybe the bankruptcy trustee will restore these places back to customer friendly when Harrah's finally runs themselves totally into the ground and goes belly up because of it.

I'm pretty much just about done with Harrah's Entertainment's properties. I'm going to let my T.R. points expire and not care about it at all. The only reason I can find to even consider setting foot in one would be to eat at somewhere like Mon Ami Gabi @ Paris. The actions of Harrah's (as well as MGM-Mirage) just further cement the mindset that the major casino companies don't care about the players, they just want the sucker from East Bumble to come in drop a few grand in their casinos and not care that they're being treated like cattle. Makes me glad that I've pretty much abandoned the Strip and now consider Fremont Street my Vegas Home. The "Wheel Of Fortune" machines are "not popular" with players? Maybe at the Bizarro Harrah's properties in Bizarro Las Vegas.

So now we see the result of over-leveraging a property with HUGE piles of debt in order to take a company private. I was all for the idea of this, but i forgot about how douche baggy the company can become to pay off the bills. I wonder which property will be sold first.

I can't believe Harrah's are ditching some of their games. It's downright silly. Now, I don't know the ins and outs, but I have created a petition about saving Harrah's slots from disappearing. If you would like to sign it, here's the link: http://www.petitiononline.com/logilots/petition.html

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