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CityCenter : What Nine Point Two Billion Dollars Buys You

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 18th August 2008 4:24am
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Frankly, I lost track how much City Center is going to cost when all the beans have been counted. I've Oog-boogled it enough times to warrant having this search result page nominated to become my Safari homepage. Four billion? Five point five billion? Six point seven billion? Seven billion? Eight point one billion? Eight point eight billion?

According to that most sacred and "always correct" institution Wikipedia -which cites a 6//3/08 article in the LV Sun - the current price tag for CityCenter is (duck and cover folks!):


"Jiminy Crickerkorianickets!"

So what will all that kizmash buy you (other than enough blow to fill all the Buicks in Beantown?) why this, of course:

You can lose 1,840,000,000 hands of $5 blackjack in a row, which would take about 3,500 straight years of play to complete @ 60 hands/hour.

Since $5 blackjack is virtually a distant memory, losing all that loot at a $25 table will take you until fall of 2708 to finish. 700 years, give or take... a time period which - if one shifted the time machine into R - would land you back in time early enough to enjoy, first hand, the scourge of the Black Death in Europe.

It would also buy you 26 Monte Carlo's - the joint, not the car - at it's grand opening valuation.

You and 18,399,999 of your closest friends could've stood on line to purchase a 16 GB iPhone on the day the product initially launched (AT&T contract costs extra).

You and your posse then trudge across town in the burning sun to the Palms, where each of you can purchase 2,173 bottles of water at the bar outside of The Lounge ($2.25 each). For those keeping track at home, thats approximately 1.1M gallons of water, about 5% of what's in the lake outside of Bellagio.

"Holy bread, dough, cabbage, clams and cheddar sandwiches Batman!"

Of course the list could go on and on and on and on but that's not really the point. So whats the point Chuck? The point is that that even the damn parking garage at City Center is all sorts of wigged out and architecturally freaky. Check it out:

City Center 9.2 Billion Dollar Parking Garage

This has got to be a first. Even Mr. Wynn - known for his decor and design sensibilities - resorted to the standard concrete cube for Wynn Las Vegas' parking garage. This is ground breaking stuff! People will write books about it. It will become an essential part of resort design for eons to come. Shareholders will rejoice at the return on investment. Drivers will park their sedans with style and ease. Warring factions from Israel and Palestine will come break bread at Aria's buffet. All diseases will be eradicated. Tic-Tac-Dough will return to prime time TV and will be hosted by Criss Angel. Craps will be taught in middle school math classes. Wayne Newton will stop spraying his combover into a hair helmet.

One thing is fer sure, it's probably going to be the only self-parking garage in Vegas where one can actually feel under-dressed while doing the "searching for a spot mambo" on levels 4B 5D and 6C.

Oh wait... is that a parking garage?



Comments & Discussion:

I thought that was part of the convention area looking out onto the pool.

Uhm, no. I'm not sure where you took that shot from, Chuck, but I think that might be theatre which they described as a sort of Picasso building. It's behind the (significantly gimped) pool at Monte Carlo with a new tram station.

Criss Angel is hosting Tic Tac Dough!!!! Is there anything that DB can't do?!?!?!?

per vegastodayandtomorrow... 'citycenter conference center'


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