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Podcast-A-Palooza Roundup

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 17th August 2008 3:37pm
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Wow.... What. A. Great. (Long) Day.

Words can barely describe how much fun the Podcast-A-Palooza was yesterday. The folks at the Palms were stellar in their production (shout out to Sly for kicking ass), all of the shows - Five Hundy, The Strip and VegasGang - were fantastically funny and full of audience interaction. Oh and the audience! I'd say there was probably close to about 200 people there... every table was pretty much filled with many of the folks we've all interacted with on the many Vegas-centric blogs, sites and message boards.

It was truly great to finally meet so many of the people in the 'community' including Mr. & Mrs. spermanherman (who re-arranged their trip plans to come to the event!), Jeff in OKC (who I hope sends us a pic of him modeling the Vegas.com boxer shorts he won in the drawing) MikeE (the legend), Mike_ch aka MinVegas (who's birthday is today!), Troy from Vegas (another legend), Chris from Omaha (FHBM drunk dialer), the guy who started the "nuts" campaign to keep Jericho on the air, and many many many more.

I can't say enough how awesome it was to finally meet Tim & Michele from Five Hundy. Tim's booming and hearty laugh shook the rafters of The Lounge at Palms throughout the day and Michele is not only as sweet, clever and funny as on the show but looked smashing in a fiery print dress and gold lame strapped heels. Her description of the Dean Martin slot machine had all of us in stitches.

It was also fabulous to finally meet Steve Friess and Miles Smith from The Strip Podcast who are super duper nice. Steve was just as bubbly and talkative as he always is and Miles as subtle, droll and hysterically funny too. I don't think Miles has any idea how funny he is, or perhaps it's all part of his detached self deprecating sardonic wit. In retrospect, I wish I had gotten more time to speak with him, he's a very intriguing fellow. Their show, which included an interview with an even more bulked up than usual Carrot Top was awesome, as usual.

As for the VegasGang, it was great to see Dr. Dave Schwartz again, one of the smartest and nicest guys I've ever met. We made tentative plans to start a Rush cover band, talked about Star Trek, his book Roll The Bones and he gave me some great inspiration to continue on my quest to write a book about the history of gambling in Macau. Jeff Simpson from the LVSun is as jovial and fun in person as he is on the calls and strolled in carrying a "Slots Today" mag, a pad of paper from Caesars Palace and a pen from Ballys. Even though its the weekend, Jeff is still out there pounding the pavement of the casino universe. He's great. David McKee, who was celebrating a birthday that day and recovering from a very serious bout with intestinal flu, arrived with his lady friend and joined the rest of the Vegas Gang in the back corner of the room. As evident from his writings and observations on the gaming business, David is smart as they come. Surprisingly he's also incredibly shy, which adds a whole layer of mysterious hot mustard to his already steaming prose.

Last, but certainly not least... it was a supreme pleasure to finally after almost five years of emails, chit chats and podcast talks to meet Hunter Hillegas. Hunter is, as you can guess, sharp as a tack, insightful, intensely focused, calm and in control. He's a real treat of a guy and his wife Megan is truly lovely.

As for the VegasGang show, we all got to shoot one question to Palms owner George Maloof (who sat directly next to me). It was quite interesting to sit next to George, watching his body language, fiddling with his blackberry and pen and hearing him breathe and very quietly grunt and "hrm?" to various questions. From a personal perspective, I truly believe that George Maloof loves the casino business. This is his passion, his love, his calling. Great guy.

Even though I only spent about four hours in Las Vegas yesterday, the high I experienced was as strong and potent as any Vegas high I've ever had. The four hour drive back to Los Angeles should've been a nightmare - given that I had already spent four hours in the car that day - but it literally flew by as memories of the days hysterics caused me to erupt into numerous fits of laughter.

What. A. Great. Day.

For those who missed the webcast yesterday, all of the podcasts were recorded directly from the soundboard. A number of folks were taking video as well. The "podcasts" will be added to the individual shows' feeds after everyone gets back.



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Truly a pleasure, Chuck. Thanks to you and everyone else for their efforts. Hopefully there'll be more of these events to come.

I wish I could've made it out there but oh well. There will be another I'm sure. I'm sitting here in FL anxiously awaiting this hurricane that's hitting us tomorrow and Wednesday and it's rearing it's ugly head right over the city I live in. I'm beyond exicted.

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