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Trippies 2008 : One Louder!

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 12th August 2008 4:34am
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Summer is almost over and that means pretty much one thing at VT - it's Trippies time.

Last year's Trippies generated more nominations, votes, hate mail and grouchy blog posts than all previous editions combined. Awesome!

For the uninitiated, The Trippies are VegasTripping's annual readers poll wherein the collective 'we' - about 98% of which are Vegas tourists - nominate and vote on some of the stuff we found fab and not so fab during our jaunts over the last 12 months. We also nominate and vote for some of the websites, forum, blogs and podcasts which have provided information, insight, entertainment and community interaction that helps us have a better time when we are there or feel like we're there when we're not.

The Trippies are a fun and entertaining way of measuring the likes, dislikes and opinions of the extended VT vox populi via thoroughly democratic processes - the winners and final nominees of the Reader Awards are selected by you.

As you probably know, "Best of Vegas" lists are a dime a dozen. The Las Vegas Review Journal has been publishing an oft quoted Best of Vegas readers poll for a near eternity targeted primarily for local Las Vegans. The Trippies differs not only in tone, content and pizazz, but it's the only one focused specifically on the Las Vegas tourist experience. Knowing where best place in Las Vegas to buy gardening supplies is doesn't really apply to us.

This year we've decided to make some changes to the nomination and voting process, mostly to protect the accuracy of the vote. Of course, nothing is *hack proof* and even if it were, there will surely be a chorus of boos, gripe laden discussion threads and blog posts.

In advance response, allow me to outline - without getting bogged down in too many of the specifics - the Trippies process, and how the votes are counted.


Due to the wide array of entries into nomination for every category, nominations for each category are tabulated by hand with the top five decipherees being entered into final voting. As you can guess, this an insanely time consuming process - deciphering and grouping thousands of typed in entries for 50 categories can make one go insane. A simple example FHBM, Five Hundy, http://www.fivehundy.om, FiveHundyByMidnight.com, Five Hundy ByMidnite all mean the same thing, as does Wynn, WLV, swsteakhouse, Alex, Zoozacrackers, SW, okada, BOloud would in the 'dining' category. Whenever there is a question or a tie, we always give the benefit of the doubt and increase the number of nominees entered into final voting.


During the voting process, we monitor voting data for quality assurance purposes only. We conduct daily tests to ensure that the vote submission form continues to working as expected. All test votes are flagged as such and removed from the database immediately after performing the tests. We also run scripts that count the number of votes submitted, mostly to protect from blowing up the server due to overcapacity.

A few days after voting is closed, we run scripts that weed out duplicates within specific parameters : incomplete ballots, empty ballots and other known ballot stuffing techniques that breach the clearly stated rules - i.e. a ballot stuffer who voted for the same item in the same category approximately 270 times within a half hour. These scripts are run numerous times and compared for accuracy. All ballots that have been are marked for removal are cross checked by hand as a safety precaution. We then do three passes of the final voting tabulation script. If all three spit out the same numbers, these results become the final tabulations - the winners!

Winners are kept in strict confidentiality amongst VT editorial staff until the webcast/launch of the Trippies website (which lots of folks attempt to hack into - unsuccessfully).

The Editors Choice awards are chosen from a pool submitted by VT's editorial and advisory team (miss monkay, dr. deathwatch, mr. & mrs. jackpots, tdinka, thesleep, missmelody, hank, armyofbobs, miss snowbird and chuckmonster) with additional input by some of our Vegas loving friends. Whenever there is a tie or difficulty making a decision, we consult the readers choice of that category to help break any deadlocks.

The next few weeks are spent designing and writing the content on the Trippies website... a massive amount of work which went right down to the wire before last years live webcast.

So... here's the schedule for the Trippies 2008... all of which can be read here too

The Trippies : Best (and Worst) of Las Vegas
Readers Poll Awards 2008


Nominations : September 15 - October 1
Voting : November 1 - December 1

Awards Webcast

Saturday January 10, 2009 (still tentative)
Live from Las Vegas, NV
(in 3-D)



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