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Hard Rock Opens Wasted Space 'Anti-Club'

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 17th July 2008 2:25am
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Hard Rock Wasted SpaceThe folks at the Hard Rock have teamed up with Carey Hart to open a new club Wasted Space. Wasted Space attempts to marry (their description) "high end rock n roll culture with a tattoo influenced design."

Someone take me out back and shoot me. Now.

I'm sure its just coincidence that they open this place a week after the Audigier joint at TI, also claiming tattoo inspired decor. I'll give Mr. Hart the benefit of the doubt regarding the tattoo thing, he is covered in em and has tattoo shops in Vegas and elsewhere (unlike Audigier, who apes the style and imagery for use on his dreadfully corny clothing.)

What really sticks in my craw is the "high end rock n roll culture" comment. If rock n roll ever gets a high and low end to its culture, put my recently shot body in a cannon and shoot it up Keith Richards' ass.

So what is this high end rock n roll?

I instantly think of Frank Zappa, he was/is well... the best. Ever. But he's also been dead for almost 14 years.

Maybe Mr. Hart has designs on dusting off formidable long playing outings like Yes' Relayer and Tales of Topographic Oceans or perhaps Lamb Lies Down On Broadway by Genesis... Camel, Kraftwerk, Neu or other prog/kraut rock geniuses? Mr. Hart may have something similar but more recent in mind : any of the last three records by Porcupine Tree, the brand new epic Watershed by Opeth, anything by Virginia's Lamb of God, math metal purveyors Meshuggah or the oddball Dillinger Escape Plan. He may even take a dip into prog lite via... dare I? Styx? er... Kansas?

Seriously WHAT THE FUCK IS 'HIGH END ROCK N ROLL CULTURE'??... a night of lousy alternacrap hosted by Vegas rock and roll twat of the century Dave Navarro? They'd be better off hiring Weird Al Yankovic or Phish, who are apparently getting back together*.

Somehow, I truly doubt that anyone has a clue what they mean by HIGH END ROCK N ROLL CULTURE. Its another stupid marketing phrase that validates their selling $25 bottles of vodka for ten times that and make us be psyched to buy it. This should be expected from a guy who is known internationally (really?) for riding a motorcycle in strange ways, marrying (and divorcing) a semi-talented singer and having a bunch of cornball reality tv shows buried deep in the nethersphere of extended basic cable.

Leave rock n roll to us professionals**, and we won't come over to your house and tattoo your forehead. Please.

Here's the Wasted Space website, surprise surprise... they sell merch too.

Sorry for the rant. That really pissed me off. *sigh*

* Evidently I didn't do good enough job breaking them up last time. It's a long story - which I told in the Trippies 2007 post-show - if you missed it and want to hear it again, I'll schedule a video chat session to tell it again.

** As some of you know, I toured the US and Europe playing very weird rock and roll from the mid 1990's until 2003, when I lost interest in the music business.



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I know exactly what they mean by this....posers and scene chicks. That's what they mean. The perfect little stick skinny girls in their little pants and shirts and 80's style ear rings with black hair and the guy/girls to match them. That's what they mean.

I would go here strictly to make fun of everyone else in the place.

Fer cryin' out loud, why don't they just rename the place "The Douchebag Hotel & Casino"?

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