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Party Hardy : Christian Audigier Nightclub Opens at TI

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 7th July 2008 4:23pm
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Christian Audigier The Nightclub at Treasure Island

French fashion designer Christian Audigier (odd-i-zhay) - famous for his Japanese tattoo inspired Ed Hardy line of t-shirts, sneakers, jeans and other semi-pricey gear - has opened the first fashion-themed ultralounge at TI, Treasure Island.

The club, located where Tangerine was, features Audigier inspired decor : skulls, swords, birds, flowers and other neo-gothic tattoo prints. Servers, bartenders, furnishings, champagne bottles and possibly even toilet seats are covered in a massive pastiche of glowing Audigierisms.

The entire fashion industry as well as the casino biz folks are keenly watching whether the first foray into 'fashion night club' will sink or swim in Las Vegas. If it sinks, we'll be safe from having model wannabees frugging and vogueing on runway catwalks through the casino. If it swims, you can bet your Aquaman underoos that other fashion icons will jump into the night club game and Las Vegas will slowly become a fashion nightlife mecca, scaring most of us level-headed folks with reasonably perceptive bullshit detectors to Fremont Street, Reno or Laughlin.

It's an interesting concept that is bound to make a load of money selling booze and Ed Hardy t-shirts, but the very nature of 'fashion' (particularly a somewhat dated brand like Audigier's) is it's shelf life.

Anyone want to venture an over/under on the prospects of Christian Audigier The Nightclub?



Comments & Discussion:

If it's still open in six months, I'd be shocked.

so... take 2 concepts which traditionally have very short boom and bust lifespans: fashion trends and nightclubs... combine them to insure that both will fail as soon as either goes out of style.

Dear god , there's going to be so many posers in that place it won't even be funny. There's actually people out there like myself that look at tattoos as art and not fashion. Places like this make me sick. People think they're cool because their wearing a $125 Ed Hardy shirt with some "old school" tattoo design on it.
I'd go there just to make fun of everyone in there. Actually I do that pretty much everywhere I go now. It's fun being mean to people.

David McKee went there the other night and sent me this impression:

"Some of the 'signature' drinks were good but Audiger's house-brand Merlot tastes like battery acid -- maybe worse. It's, bar none [pun unintended], the most corrosive wine I've ever tasted."

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