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Kobayashi Maru At The Hilton : Star Trek Experience Beams Out Of Hilton \\//_

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 5th July 2008 4:19am
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star trek experience closing

After six months of kobayashi maru, the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton announced it's pending closure on Stardate -314332 (thats September 1st 2008 for you non Trek geeks).

This certainly isn't a surprise... we've been getting emails bi-weekly from Trek concerned VT readers predicting an announcement on Trek's demise at the Hilton for near eons. The final tip came a day or two ago, via reader Michael G, who sent us this, a rumor since confirmed by Review-Journal.

Yeah, the Star Trek Experience was hokey, but ya know what... I looked forward to visiting nearly every single trip. I'm a big fan of the original Star Trek series, it really means something to me. No trip to Vegas was complete without a stop at the STE gift shop and a Warp Core Breach (usually in reverse order.) The Spacequest casino always sucked, which is more a fault of the Hilton then the Star Trek folks. Great idea, horrible execution. Quarks Bar, the rides and the many gift shops were and continue to be one of the epicenters of Trekdom, particularly when the annual Star Trek Convention comes to Vegas every August.

Like many Vegas trippers, Mrs. Monkay and I have 'set in stone' dates for annual Vegas trips - ours are Christmas and the first week in August. Our relationship, and our love affair with Las Vegas (an interstate menage a trois?) was built during our visits to the Star Trek convention, which always coincided with her early August birthday. When we decided to get hitched, it was a given that we would do it in Vegas during our annual August trip, and entertained the possibility of doing it on the bow of the Enterprise at STE.

If you've read any of our hotel reviews, you've probably seen the Star Trek teddy bear in photos of hotels from Vegas to Macau. We got him at the STE.

A large chunk of my wardrobe was purchased at the STE gift shop - including a great green twist on the "I'm With Stupid" shirt that says "I'm With Illogical." I've also got blue and red TOS crew shirts, although I don't wear the Red Shirt for fear of not surviving 'the episode.'

During a particularly difficult time in my life (related to my Mother passing away compounded by a truly horrible day job) the original Star Trek series' initial DVD releases kept me from losing my mind. In the middle of that dark period, we visited the STE. The visit was undeniably cathartic and extremely emotional... walking into the glow of the gift shop's gigantic projection screen TV at precisely the moment Mr. Spock accidentally smiled during the TOS pilot episode. I'm getting misty eyed retelling the story.

As you can tell from this rambling confessional of a post... words truly cannot describe how much the Star Trek Experience means to me, and how personally sad I am to see it go.

Live Long And Prosper!



Comments & Discussion:

I'd never been in the LVH until this last trip to Vegas. That Star Trek casino area is actually kind of neat (in a very nerdy type way, I'm not a Star Trek fan).

Wow, I have the same shirt (I'm with illogical) - probably in a different size tho - and every time I wear it I have to explain it to people. If the STE could just stay around and there was a law to make it mandatory to go see - maybe the world would be a better place....

A place where it was okay to make out with someone of any colour as long as it's green.

A place where over acting was the norm.

A place where a small gaysian can sword fight with the best of 'em.

A place where there will be eternal arguments over the best captain - Canandian or English with a bad French name (gotta go with the Shat!!)

A place where dark skin and raised eyebrows can turn into a giant, foam head piece and both are considered Klingon.

A place where red was a bad colour - and not just to bulls.

I could go on, but I'm sure someone else has something to add.

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