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Fontainebleau Construction Photos

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 27th June 2008 11:41pm
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Here's a couple of photos of the current status of Fontainebleau - the new resort under construction just north of the Riviera, across the street from "what the whole world would look like if the Nazi's had won the war."

But first, this is what Fontainebleau is intended to look like when complete:

Fontainebleau Rendering

Pretty snazzy.

Fontainebleau Hotel Tower Construction

The curtain wall on the hotel tower is about 1/3 of the way up the side of the tower, which has yet to top out. The large cement columns form the structure of the 'fin' shaped Strip frontage behind. The fin itself hasn't been bolted on yet.

Fontainebleau Hotel Construction

The pointy thing on the endcap sure remind me of the angular steel canopy that is slowly developing above The Crystals shopping promenade at CityCenter, but in a markedly less complex and angular fashion. Crystals light?

It's also interesting to note that Fontainebleau is pretty much building straight to the sidewalk... no frilly mountains, trees or landscaping here, a la Wynn.



Comments & Discussion:

Fontainebleu certainly will be beautiful, but I'm just not into it. There are two primary reasons.

a.) Another upscale (re: expensive to stay or play) property. Yawn.
b.) Location... Long sweaty walk to other Strip civilization

I guess I'll always be a low-roller. The problem (for the people building these super casinos) is, I think I'm a lot more common than the jet set.

Are there more people flying in first class and looking for $300 a night accommodations or driving in from Phoenix for 3 or 4 nights? I know a couple of big spenders are worth dozens of me, but still...

Maybe I'm the only one, but I really don't think this thing looks that great. I think it's kinda terrible looking.

@ratevegas i kinda agree. the renderings look better than how the property itself is shaping up. the rounded belly tower doesn't exactly jibe with the adventures in architecture currently bearing fruit.

Yeah I agree with EchoBravo. I guess I'll always be a low roller to. Something about working hard for a few grand just to give it all away in a routlette or blackjack game just isn't my deal. If I ever do play table games it's usually ONLY roulette or blackjack and I bet no more than like $10 a hand and once I'm down about $100, I'm outta there. I like going to the cheap hotels downtown and playing their slots. The slots at Mermaids just hand out money.
Oh and I won't pay anymore than $150-$175 a night for a room. Anything over that isn't worth it. That's probably why the nicest room I've ever had in Vegas was a bungalow suite at MGM Grand, and that's only because someone else was paying.

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