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Super Ultra Mega Encore Construction Photo Update

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 25th June 2008 2:22am
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Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas Construction June 2008 -  Towers

Start the countdown clock... it's less than six months until Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas opens. As with any opening of a Steve Wynn property, most recently Wynn Las Vegas in 2005, the run up to the big day is filled with prognostications, sneak peeks, aerial snooping and other attempts to poke noses behind the curtain.

Last Sunday afternoon, I braved the Vegas heat to do a little photo recon mission, in the hopes of sharing this little bit of low-grade peekaboo with y'all. At the outset, it should be noted that I'm no expert on what is planned for Encore. Hopefully Hunter and the Two Way Hard Three gang will pipe in with some comments, corrections and fill in some of the gaps.

Let's boogay.

Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas Construction June 2008 -  Towerfront


Taken on the west side of The Strip, facing north, from the 2nd level of Fashion Show Mall by the escalator outside of Maggiano's. Wynn Las Vegas' tower can be seen in the reflection. By and large all of the glass on this side of the tower appears to be installed and cleaned. The opposite side of the tower has a number of broken and boarded up pieces of the curtain glass. Just beyond the current self-parking garage entrance is a Strip-facing porte cochere.

Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas Construction June 2008 -  Stripporte

Strip Porte Cochere

Encore has two driveways. This one (primarily for non-hotel usage) and another one on the north side of Encore's hotel tower.

I have no idea what lies beyond the doors of this entrance, nor what is behind the walls between the porte cochere and the self-park ramp to the south.

Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas Construction June 2008 -  Stripporteext

Strip Porte Cochere (side view)

Side view of the same, from across The Strip.

Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas Construction June 2008 -  Stripporteint

Strip Porte Cochere (detail view)

Same location, zoomed in to peek inside. Looks like they've got a big tree in there, wrapped in a bag with a wood frame inside. Sunlight is pouring inside from a skylight. Steve Wynn has spoke extensively about how Encore and eventually Wynn Cotai aim to provide a seamless transition between indoor and out door experiences through the use of natural light and lush landscaping.

Also, the drywall behind it has a few swatches of of Wynn yellow splashed about.

Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas Construction June 2008 -  Casinoentry

Foot Traffic Entry

The platform on top of the entry way is fascinating - and very 'internet-ish' - way of signifying navigation. We kinda do this with the white border on top of the "on" tab in our top nav. The typical, and somewhat classless, way of announcing the casino entrance is to put a huge "CASINO ENTRANCE" sign on top of the doors, as Planet Hollywood does.

If I owned the place, I'd put a gigantic inflatable gorilla up on that platform.

As for what lies beyond these doors, I do not know. Probably something expensive. Or delicious.

Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas Construction June 2008 -  Towerside

Encore Tower

Side view of the tower. There is a bunch of rigging dangling from the top and the windows are still super dirty.

Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas Construction June 2008 -  Towerentryfull

Tower Side Entry

Encore has caught a case of the blue boo boo tape from it's neighbor down the street, The Palazzo. The lower panels of the curtain wall are quite thrashed as well. This entry way probably leads to the main lobby/reception area.

Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas Construction June 2008 -  Towerentrydeta

Tower Side Entry (detail)

Detail view of the side entry at the base of the Encore tower.

Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas Construction June 2008 -  Northporte

North Side Tower Entry

There appears to be two entrances on the north side of the tower. The yellow one appears to be the main hotel porte cochere, and the silver framed one could be a "VIP" entrance, similar to the one they have at Wynn Macau. Chinese gambling superstition states that one should never enter a casino from it's main entrance, or fortune will not shine on you.

That's pretty much it for the photos. Feel free to post any comments, corrections, speculation or other gap filling information in the comments below.

I've got a bunch of pix of Echelon, Trump/Plaza, and Fontainebleau as well, which I'm hoping to post in the next day or so.



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