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You Make The Call : Are the Trees At Wynn Las Vegas Fake?

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 24th June 2008 6:02am
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Some of you might remember a post a month or so ago where I mentioned getting two puzzles from the Drugstore at Wynn Las Vegas. One puzzle was Wynn's rainbow of casino chips, the second is the pre-opening beauty shot of the joint.

I went over to Wynn the other day during 'the magic hour' in the hopes of taking the exact same photo, but with my lousy camera. The plan was to make a puzzle out of the photo and give it to Mrs. Monkay, yknow... a gag gift.

After spending a moment or two looking at the photo and comparing it to the original, I began to notice that a lot of the trees, particularly on the mountain have barely changed, THREE YEARS LATER. Could the trees on the mountain at Wynn Las Vegas be... *gulp*... fake?

Wynn Las Vegas Fake Trees

I recall seeing a video feature about the trees on the mountain and the guy who planned the layout and manages their care, which could provide evidence to the contrary. However, they've barely grown or changed shape in three years. Even if they aren't fake, this could be the makings of a truly kick-ass urban legend if enough of us start spreading the b.s. around.

For a more thorough peek, check out the higher res version.



Comments & Discussion:

I say FAKE! The highest most branches (directly below "Wynn.") look to be exactly the same.

People will say I'm schilling but I don't think they are fake.

I have *tons* of photos of the trees being installed and I watched it progress over the years - I'm not a tree expert but they sure looked real to me.

Do you need to water fake trees?

Anyway, they give VIP tours of the mountain so they're not scared to let folks get up close.

One other thing...

Wynn is on the record saying, in many places, that the trees came from the DI golf course and that they required a special crane to move due to weight. If they're fake then he'd have to have been deceiving multiple press outlets. Not impossible of course but one more thing to consider.

hmmmm... good point ratevegas, so what if its in the wrong topic... haha...

moved these to the right topic. if you load up other news items, it saves the last ones id in a cookie. we'll figure out a way to fix this at some point.

Ah, so it's not multi-tab-freakout-browser friendly. Noted.

At first. I thought that they were real until I saw something on the local news today that leads me to fall in the fake category. The "grass" that you see in the landscaping is fake, made by a company called SYNLawn:

The station was doing a story about using fake grass for home lawns and the guy they interviewed got the idea after visiting the Wynn.

Sorry to say the trees are NOT fake...but the grass is. My husband programmed and has run the watering system for the wynn since its opening and also now at Encore. He also supervised the planting of the trees and change outs of the trees if one were to die or grow in a way that Mr. Wynn does not like. The fake grass is for looking good for saving water the rest is the real deal!!!!

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