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In Response To Friess' Critique of Mirage Website

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 20th June 2008 4:46pm
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Local Vegas journalist/podcaster Steve Friess posted an item to his blog criticizing the Mirage.com's webmeisters for not removing Siegfried & Roy from their listings of 'things to buy tickets for' on their website.

He asserts that since S&R's show is five years gone, they should be removed from the website in the form of a finger wagging open letter.

At the risk of sparking a heated discussion with the occasionally feisty Vegas Person of the Year 2007, we'd like to offer an explanation for S&R's presence on Mirage.com - some obvious, some esoteric.


The esoteric oversight : Google searches for "Siegfried & Roy" return Mirage as one of the top links. While the sheer number of searches for S&R pale in comparison to "Britney Spears" or other celebrity names, they probably still generate a decent amount of traffic (and revenue) through the Mirage website.

Revenue? How can that be? S&R have been on the DL and off the marquee for years! While being slowly demoted to the lower tier of Mirage attractions, Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden is still in operation at Mirage. You can buy tickets for it via Mirage.com... if the ticketing mechanism (supplied by Quebec based Ticketmaster holding Admission.com) was working properly... but that's another story altogether.

If anything, Mirage.com errs by not having the S&R attraction listed on the "Headliners/Entertainment" landing page, taking advantage of where the 'siegfried & roy' Google search engine result points to.



Comments & Discussion:

Chuck: Are you trying to suggest the Mirage folks left that in the heading of a non-indexed pop-up window on PURPOSE? Or that they should have?

Also, I was trying to be light-hearted, not finger-wagging. It just cracked me up. The so-called podcasts they have at the MGM Grand site, now THAT was finger-wagging.

See, I think you're just sore that every time I do a screen-shot that shows some of my bookmarks, it never shows VegasTripping.Com. Hah. It's up there, I swear!!!

What I'm suggesting is that the relationship between the Siegfried and Roy brand and Mirage isn't done, therefore S&R having a presence in the title tags or whatever of those pages isn't completely out of line. Misdirected - in the http sense - yes.

That S&R are mentioned on the "Headliners" page is somewhat dubious, but probably left intentionally to maintain the relationships between the brands (S&R / Mirage) and existing search engine results.

Ideally, its more a problem of information architecture than anything else. I could go into details about the aesthetics of web design, I/A and all that but you'd be bored.

Cmon man... it was finger wagging - light-hearted with 20% more *zing*.

Please help me. I clicked on "Read complete article" and Mirage.com comes up on my screen. Nothing else. Am I missing something? Is the article over, and I'm just too dense to understand (My greatest fear)? Or am I not clicking the right link? I'm feeling dumber by the question. Thank you. good-bye

yeah... that "Read Complete Article" thing is a hold over from the old days and how we used to post stuff. it's a misnomer and is probably going to go bye bye soon.

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