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Happy Birthday VegasTripping!

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 13th June 2008 6:29am
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Happy Birthday VT

Grab yourself a slice of dice cake, strap on the lampshade and break out the shot glasses... it's our birthday!

Four years ago this month VegasTripping launched - to absolutely no fanfare whatsoever. We're not exactly sure of the date, but it's somewhere between when bought the domain name (early May) and posted the first news story (mid-June). It's no wonder that we don't remember the name... the last four years have been an insane blur of casino insanity wrapped in HTML tags.

In Las Vegas, after a fabulously booze-drenched winning session of blackjack at the stinky Plaza, Miss Monkay and I wandered over to the Carson Street Cafe at the Nug in search of food. As we waited for the waitress to take our order, the Gonzo gods of the universe delivered something else - a gigantic neon lightbulb over the top of our table. Armed with Keno crayons, 1.3 blood alcohol levels and the sheer love of gambling drunk in Vegas, we hatched a silly idea to build a Las Vegas website written by tourists, for tourists minus the corporate approved marketing copy and all the other boring useless information that litters the internet.

We went home... bought the domain name (as sketched out on the Keno card - a mix of Vegas Strip, Vegas Trip, Tripping & Stripping), bought a bunch of books on MySQL and PHP programming, hooked up an inexpensive web server situation and got to work.

Wordpress and Blogspot and the two click instant blog full of rants thing was in its infancy in those days, not that we could've used that stuff anyways. Our trip was greater than customizing some blog software or bolting on a forum script - we had to build this stuff from scratch. Which also meant learning how to do it - databases, php, xml, rss, javascript - not to mention all the research, writing and graphic design. Fortunately, we have a ton of Vegas loving friends who are programming gurus, writers, photographers, graphic designers as well as tripping drinking buddies. Within weeks the team coalesced - Miss Monkay, Sleazy Red, donGuido, Hank, Miss Snowbird, Buddah, and Filarobski... to be augmented at times by the helpful insight and expertise of Ish, Eldu, Ratherfancy, Cherrioh, Mr. & Mrs. Jackpots and Baunghitwonder. Some of these friends have moved away, vanished, got hitched and had kids, or became worker bees at big internet companies but they have all played a huge role in our mini-success. For this and a billion other reasons, we thank you for everything you have and continue to do to make VT and all of its sister sites what they are.

Personally, the most unexpectedly joyful part of the last four years has been all the comped rooms that the casinos give us, oh thats right, they don't give us comped rooms, you bastards! making Vegas loving friends all over the world. Y'all make me laugh with your comments and board posts, surprise me with tips and insight I would've never thought about, humble me with your generosity in sending us links, photos and reviews, and encourage me to keep my foot as firmly pressed on the gas pedal when I'm feeling like those metaphorical chips are way way way down.

At the risque of repeating a slowly growing internet community cliche, I find it impossible to scrape together an alternative way express what I honestly believe to be the Wayne's Honest Truth...

Without you, VegasTripping and the many jokes, gags, info nuggets, videos, tips, details, mistakes, friendships and better travel decisions contained within, would absolutely not exist.

To show our appreciation, we're going to be having a bunch of mini-contests spanning the next week or so that will test your casino knowledge, singing ability, creative skills and gambling acumen with the winner of each contest getting a prize. There is no mondo grand prize (ie. two nights at a super fabulous casino) mostly because we want to give out as many prizes as possible, and we can't afford to underwrite such a prize - unless one of those big casino companies wants to step up and sweeten the pot. (Contact us.)

To summarize this unbelievably long drippy 'net hug of a post, please allow me to say this one last thing. On behalf of everybody on this side of the HTML, to all of you on the other side, we thank you for making the adventure of the last four years possible.

Thank you!


Now go get some cake!



Comments & Discussion:

Happy Birthday to my favourite Vegas site!! Will make sure to hoist a $1 Michalob in july and pour some on the sidewalk for my Vegas homies!!

Happy Birthday V-T! I "tripped" over this site while I was searching for Vegas info and I've been here ever since.You get real s**t from real people. I'll raise a glass to the founders this evening.

I agree. I found this site by accident and think it's great. I actually check it daily from work (one of the few unfiltered sites I can get to).
You know, on that Wayne Newton page, I really love his porn star/Mexican mustache in the 80's era. The little split in the middle of the 'stache...classic.

Oh oh and on your checklist of achievements, you think DisneyLAND sucks? Try living 20 minutes down the street from DisneyWORLD. Everytime I go to Orlando I have to drive through that horrible stretch of highway and see the happy billboards all over the interstate. I HATE Disney!!!! And the tourists it drags along with it.....and the traffic they cause because they're idiots and don't know where they're going....

Here Here! Let's keep it going for another 4... or wait, maybe we should stick with 1 year, that's a more attainable goal... Oh well, just keep it up!

happy bday vt!!! whats on the celebration egenda???

Best of Birthday wishes sent to you.What a great site.

Way to go, Happy Birthday, you are the very best of the very best. All though I can't visit Vegas on a monthly or bi-weekly basis as I would like, you keep me on top of it all. Nobody does Vegas better.

The best! Congrats on 4 great years... so far.

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