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Criss Angel : The VegasTripping Interview

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 12th June 2008 3:20pm
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Criss Angel : The VegasTripping Interview.... or not.

As previously reported, we've set out on an AngelQuest in the hopes landing an interview with Mr. Mindfreak hisself, Criss Angel.

Why would we be interested in chatting with Mr. Angel after carpet bombing the guy with cream pies and water balloons over the past year or so? We thought it might be interesting to give Mr. Criss Angel the mic for a bit and let him respond to some of the accusations, assumptions and other innuendos that seem to have barnacled themselves to his meteoric career in Las Vegas. Oh, and talk about that show that he's doing with Cirque du Soleil. And ask why he cut his lovely long hair.

First, we attempted to contact Mr. Angel's reps through his website, but the email bounced back with a "this mailbox is full" error. Ooops.

Second, we attempted to contact Mr. Angel through our PR contact with MGM Mirage, owners of the Luxor who will host his coming Cirque show. They responded:

Unfortunately, Criss Angel has his own publicist. We don't handle his personal PR.

They were kind enough to hook us up with Mr. Angel's publicist, Steve Flynn, who also can't seem to have a functional presence on the internet. What year is this?

We emailed Mr. Flynn, who almost immediately sent back this semi-canned response:

Thank you much for your request. As it stands right now we are holding off on any and all media requests while Criss is in the creative process of the live show with Cirque. He and Cirque are in rehearsals well over 12 hours a day and we will not be doing any interview until we are considerably close to the show open in September.

(cue Price is Right loser theme played on the tuba)

But but but... rehearsals? For a magic show? Can't Mr. Angel just make the show magically appear like an elephant behind a curtain? Or magically make time stop for 30 minutes to chat with our lovely reporter twinfusion?

To be clear, we knew going into the whole deal that there is/was zero chance that the holy one would waste his divine time chatting with this barely semi-legitimate publication, but figured that the chase in and of itself would be interesting in and of itself.

As it stands now, twinfusion has a plan in place to hunt down Criss Angel this weekend at the rehearsal studio, Luxor and some of the ultralounges he frequents. It's not over yet!



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