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Metallica : Master of Buffets?

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 6th June 2008 5:17pm
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Metallica : Master of Buffet's

The VegasTripping Month of Metal celebration continues with this barely Vegas related chestnut from the annals of heavy rock courtesy of the band that hasn't grown smart enough to fire Lars Ulrich, aka Metallica.

Our favorite metal news aggregator, Blabbermouth, posted some details about a listening party attended by music blogger Bob Mulhouse (of The Quietus) wherein some early mixes of six songs from the forthcoming album by formerly awesome metal gods Metallica.

Overall, he gives the array of songs a mediocre review - some are excellent, some are typical late era Metallica. One of the songs, which most likely will be the first single off of the recording is currently titled FLAMINGO. He opines that this is only a working title and will probably be changed (ARIA, perhaps?). Mulhouse describes FLAMINGO as a 'modernized take on their amazing 1988 song One'. Amazing? Seriously? I know like none of you reading this give a crap about Metallica, but for those who do will probably agree that One was the first gong in Metallica's death-knell.

When I think of amazing tracks by Metallica, the symphonic blast-furnace of Disposable Heroes comes to mind, followed by the dark eerie playground of Orion, or even the Mustaine penned Call of Ktulu way before their shark jumping One. Now that I think about it, Cliff Burton died over 20 years ago. Now I feel really old.

So the moral of the story is, the next (or first) time you hear the new Metallica song you can tell your friends that the song was originally called Flamingo and get them to buy you a beer. At the Flamingo. As the song soon to be formerly known as Flamingo is playing. At the Flamingo.



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Is that the new logo for the flamingo ? that looks awesome to me.

Wow it is hard to beleive Cliff died 20 years ago. Didn't dawn on me untill you said it.

Have you ever seen the Pastor of Muppets font?

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