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Video : The Rides At The Stratosphere

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 5th June 2008 5:16pm
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Just in case you've got more guts than we do, here's a video montage of the three rides perched atop the Stratosphere Tower - Insanity, Big Shot and X Scream - that will hopefully make you think twice about getting on them.


Honestly, just plain standing on the observation deck as it wobbled in the evening wind was enough to give me a serious case of vertigo. I took about 100 photos when I was up there and EVERY SINGLE ONE came out blurry regardless of the shutter speed settings.

Any of you fearless freaks out there ever worked up the stomach to get on these? Were you drunk? Do tell.



Comments & Discussion:

I've done Big Shot just to say I had done it. You cannot pay me to ride it ever again. I was stone cold sober and was nervous as hell (I really could have used a shot and a beer prior.). I almost chickened out and was nervous to the point of nausea and was sitting there with my eyes closed waiting for the ride to shoot us up. I didn't open my eyes completely until we reached the top (I did peek at one point).

I love a roller coaster and most thrill rides, but absolutely hate rides where you have the element of surprise. I don't like rides where you don't know when it's going to start. There's a roller coaster that used to be at the Six Flags park here that I only rode once for that reason alone. The car gets pulled backwards from the station up a tower and I was sitting towards the back of the car looking straight down. Dangling there without knowing when it's going to drop gives me a feeling of helplessness. I also am not a fan of those freefall drop rides for that reason as well.

As for the other rides on top of the Stratosphere tower, the only one I have any inkling to ride is Insanity. XSCREAM just doesn't interest me. I could have ridden it the same day I rode the Big Shot but took one look and yawned.

I rode the rollercoaster that used to be on top of that thing. As a matter of fact I'm sitting here looking at the picture of my brother and I on it. We were in the front row and that thing jerked so much and was so rickety I thought we were going to fall off.
My friend Heather and I were going to ride Insanity (the one that dangles you over the side then spins you) last time we were out there but it was closed due to wind conditions. When we go in October we're going to try again to ride it!!!

My best friend and I rode them last summer while our husbands waited for us on the side.I love roller coasters ,but this roller coaster was no big deal to me.The other 2 rides were a 1x time only for me.The insanity ride made me completely dizzy and I was sooo happy when it stopped,and the other one that juts out of the side of the building looking 800 and something feet down was one of the scariest rides I was ever on.2 weeks after we were there I read that that ride had a malfunction and people were stuck dangling down for over an hour. I don't think I would have handled that very well.

shout out to brooklyn! canarsie chiefs!

Yeah Canarsie! Lots of friends from there ,but I was a Lafayette girl. We had the cyclone so maybe that's why I wasn't crazy about the coaster at the Stratosphere.

I rode the Big Shot and Coaster, when there was a Coaster. Coaster ride was a slow turn to view the city lights, OK but no thrill. Loved the Big Shot. At the time there was a discount to ride AGAIN once you were up there, so I did! Have not tried the ones that dangle or shoot over the side, am not sure how well that would go over, but the BIg Shot is great.

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