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What I Learned Watching The Hills

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 28th May 2008 4:43pm
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As previously stated, nothing gets me to exit a room faster than the sounds of the celebutantitards on MTV's The Hills kvetching about useless crap and demonstrating that only those who have social disease star in reality shows.

My wife knows this. She's thoughtful enough to turn the volume down or pause the web stream whenever I'm around. Conversely, she turns it on when she's sick of me bugging the shit out of her and needs me to leave. Pronto.

Needless to say, when Miss Monkay approached me and said "you've got to watch this clip from the Hills" I held my nose, forced back a flood of buke and submitted to her request.

So, without further exposition... this is what I learned watching The Hills:

That the SBE Entertainment folks would pick The Hills as it's vehicle for announcing coming projects in Vegas instead of... say... the Las Vegas Sun, or perhaps here, is interesting to say the least. Yes, there will be much more exposure via MTV than most other media outlets... but chances are, most Hills viewers have tuned out Sam Nazarian's Sahara spiel while using max brain power trying to figure out where to buy the leather skirt what's-her-name is wearing (answer : The Mall).

So, new center bar at Sahara (a la Hard Rock), 47 story hotel tower out front, brand new pool area.



Comments & Discussion:

I'm guessing SBE is hoping that The Hills will do for the Sahara what The Real World: Las Vegas did for The Palms.

Did your friend Mark Adams already announce the same things (maybe not the center bar stuff) over at his VegasTodayAndTommorrow.com site?

@atltrainman beats me. fwiw, we posted some of this stuff a few months ago when they went to the Clark County Planning commission. regardless, i doubt the info was presented using a video clip of the stupidest show on television.

wow - i don't know how she didn't already win an award for best actress...(rolling my eyes so far that i might have pulled an optic nerve). She has the emotional range of a snail. As for the announcement for the property changes, it seems like a good idea, but only if those changes were going to happen in the next 2-3 months. I doubt any Hills viewers have long enough memory to remember to want to go to the sahara in 2-4 years when it's all done. At least the Real World-Palms thing was done when the Palms was as-is, not about to be remodeled.

People might think staying at the Sahara is a good idea. They will go in the next year, right in the middle of construction, decide that it sucks and remember that next time the head to Vegas.


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