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Suggestion Box : A New Sign For The Mirage

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 23rd May 2008 6:12am
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I was looking at a photo of the Mirage and began to wonder why it is that they don't use the actual Mirage logo on any of the exterior signs.

The logo they do use - which is very similar to the old Treasure Island logo - isn't used anywhere else on any of their websites past or present (I checked, just like the previous post) on any of their marketing materials, chips, pens, dice or anything I've ever seen. The only place that logo is used is on the marquee, in the volcano lake, the archway over the entrances and on the building itself.

Any designer or corporate identity geek will tell you that using multiple logos inconsistently isn't good branding and will confuse customers. You can take that platitude with two heaping handfuls of Wayne Newton's hair helmet gel, because it took me 20 or so years to get confused - and I'm fascinated by this stuff.

Anyway, just for fun I made a photoshop mockup of what the joint might look like if they replaced the inconsistent logo with the actual Mirage logo on the archway, building top and marquee.

New Mirage Logo Sign

Well, will ya look, at, that. Holy Wynn Las Vegas!

Not only does this accidentally reverse engineer the Wynn Las Vegas logo by jumping into the future through a hole in the past, it proves a) that Wynn realized the duelling dual Mirage logos were a mistake, and b) to make a scripty logo large enough on the side of a building (and not have it cover any of the guest room windows) you have to put a lilting swoop on the top corner of the tower.

Here's the marquee redux:

New Mirage Logo Sign

You can pluck my feathers and throw me in a hot tub with Criss Angel.



Comments & Discussion:

I dunno - I might argue that the logo on the building *is* the official logo and the script version is not.

The marquee typography matches the 'Mirage Resorts' logo exactly and was used inside on guest stationary and other items for a long time.

It's true that a lot of it has been removed and replaced with the script logo.

Anyway, just splitting hairs. Personally, I really like the building logo a lot more than the script logo and if they ever take it down, I'd give my left nut for one of the letters.

i'll pony up a nut for a letter too. how many nuts do you think it would take to get a time share on the "M"?

i'm on the fence as to which one is a better logo. the script version is quite elegant, but it is a bit difficult to read. the all caps logo is beginning to look a bit dated as well.

I thought I had something insightful to say but then I imagined Chuck plucked in a tub with Criss Fagnel.... I need to go lie down now.

I like the Mirage anyway you slice it. I think it would have behooved Steve Wynn to hang on to this anchor landmark. After all if it were not for him building this mega resort, others may not have followed. But back to logos, I liked thae palm logos on the door until they took the colors out and just etched them in. One thing thqt really detracts from the Mirage now is the beatles signage they used on the top stories over the gold glass. It really takes away from how nice it use to look.

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