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City Center /ARIA Re-Naming Contest

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 20th May 2008 12:40am
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Dear MGM Mirage decision makers,

As you probably know, the name ARIA is a little weak. Fortunately, there is plenty of time to change it before all the stationary, signage and chips are printed.

In this age of transparent discourse between corporations and the customers that they serve, we thought that maybe a little input from us - your prime customer base of casino gamblers, tourists, fine diners and show ticket buyers - might help jog loose a few boulders of blockage and unleash a landslide of creative names that would be much more suited to City Center's magnificent vision and architecture.

Contrary to popular belief, your customers (us) are actually an incredibly intelligent, articulate and creative group of people. As proven by your bottom line, know the difference between Craft and Kraft, Bellagio and Venetian and the hotel and THEhotel.

How about you give us a shot at naming the City Center casino hotel complex? You've got plenty of time before the pillow cases have to be embroidered mmmkay?

Here's a couple of names off the top of my head to get things rolling. Add your own using the comments thingy below.


Now its your turn. If any of the names nominated here (in the comments) happen to get used, the person who submitted the name will get two free nights at the hotel currently sorta known as ARIA, on us.



Comments & Discussion:

how about:
"Nothing lower than $25 table minimums"?
"Dubai Las Vegas"
"Recession SCHmecession"
"IYHTAYCAI" (pronounced (eee-yuh-huh-tay-kay)(translated: If you have to ask, you can't afford it)
"the Montecito"

How about, "The Biggest Damn Hotel/Condo Thing on the Strip"
When we were in Vegas we counted 35, yes, 35 cranes working on this project. ARIA is just something they're using to pull in "hipsters" and stupid spelled stuff usually attracts the "i'm rich but not smart" crowd, which is exactly who they want there.

To me, Aria sounds like the name of a Cirque Du Soleil show or a over-priced condo tower, not a Las Vegas casino resort.

For my suggestion, I'm taking the name of a now-canceled hotel/condo project. Pinnacle. The CityCenter development marks a high point in the history of MGM-MIrage. This project sets new standards and ideas in what can be done in Vegas. In any city in the world, such an undertaking would be monumental and something that it's residents (and visitors) can take pride in.

Or perhaps an old name can be resurrected. Why not call it the Dunes or the International or even the Landmark?

ARIA sounds like one of those whimsical names reserved for a restaurant or a spa. This is going to be a hulking piece of modern architecture. Could they be just a little more creative? What a lazy bunch of executive cattle!

How about a name that is a play on the Slots-O-Fun casino with naming the new CityCenter casino, Lots-O-Glass- The Window Washer's Nightmare.

Or another possible name would be Si-Si (The illegal imigrant hispanic worker version of CC, which is short for CityCenter).

Most architects are quite pompous. I'm surprised they haven't named it Amadeus or Picasso, just to squeeze every bit of name recognition out of those historical figures.

Lot O Glass lol. That's good.

they should call it "The Plaaza", just to REALLY confuse everyone


Lantea (L-ANNE-TEE-UH)
Corale' (KOR-AL-AY)
Vyus (VEE-Y-US)

If anyone said these already, oops, my apologies!

The thing is, when you don't have a damn theme, your hotel can't have an appropriate name. Luxor HAD an Egyptian theme, so they named it after an Egyptian city. NYNY was named after the city. Bellagio was named after the place in Italy. Circus Circus was named after the damn circus. But with CityCenter, you just have modernism and glass, which is why they're forced to name the best resort in the world "Aria."

My suggestion:
Kerkorian Las Vegas

P.S. Sorry this is the third time it's posted - if you have several tabs open, it'll post it on the most recent one.

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