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It's Official : CityCenter Casino is ARIA

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 19th May 2008 3:23pm
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MGM Mirage has announced in a press release (predicted by VegasTodayAndTomorrow) that the casino/hotel thingy inside of the City Center project will be called ARIA.

Jam down the caps lock and shout it from the mountaintops folks, ARIA ARIA ARIA!

I doubt that I'm the only one who is a little... uh... underwhelmed... and a little shocked at how inappropriate the name is. With non-co-branded surrounding buildings having such kooky names as Vdara and Veer, I hoped that the name for the casino/hotel at the center of the City Center would be equally compelling and creative.

Instead, the MGM Mirage suits seem to punted when they truly needed to 'go for it.' After hundreds of thousands of man hours in design and conception... all driven by the vision of creating an architecturally complex and creative 'City Center,' when it came time to name the joint, they resorted to dumpster diving outside the Las Vegas Sands Corp's offices.

ARIA (pronounced ARE-E-UH not AIR-E-UH) is a great name - if you're a composer from the late 1600s or an Italian restaurant at the Venetian/Palazzo complex. For an exciting casino at the center of the new architectural vision of Las Vegas? Nuh uh.

I know there's Roger Dean album cover art joke in here somewhere, but I can't seem to thread that needle. Use your imagination, then laugh.




Comments & Discussion:

Looks like MGM Mirage might have some WWW issues with the new hotel name. If you go to www.aria.com you are transferred to a website for a Providian credit card by WaMu. Looks like they will have to pay a batch to get that domain name, just like Delta airlines had to pay a fortune to eventually get www.delta.com, they had to use www.deltaairlines.com for quite a number of years.

@atltrainman - see previous post, mgm mirage owns arialv.com.

Chuck that is my point exactly. People don't go to miragelv.com or bellagiolv.com or luxorlv.com to book a room. They go to mirage.com, bellagio.com and luxor.com. Why would they think to go to arialv.com and not just aria.com? MGMMirage needs to acquite the aria.com domain name otherwise people will go to the wrong internet site to book an overpriced room.

Not to mention what about the confusion with the Aria Resort and Casino located in Queensland Australia. What is going to happen when someone does a Google search on just Aria Resort?

Someone at MGMMirage needs a new job. Whoever suggested a non-unique hotel name should be working for Harrah's and not MGMMirage.

They should have left it alone, as CityCenter Resort & Casino. ARIA sounds too Froufrou (fancy) It makes me think of Bellagio, flowery, decorated - not cool, sophisticated, edgy, and modern.

This is a bad marketing strategy IM(not so)HO...

- Thousands of people already know it as CityCenter Resort.
- How many folks will try to Google it and misspell Auria, Airia, Areola...etc.
- So far, everyone I've talked to, hates the name.
- It dosen't need to sound pretentious. Why do they need to pretend when it is real.?
- You can stay at ARIA, I'll be at CityCenter

Yes u right about that. Aria.com is WaMu. However I have just purchased AriaCasino.com I spoke with someone(low level MGR) and MGM and they should interests in the domain. Should I hold on to AriaCasino.com for few years or sell.

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