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CityCenter = AriaLV.com

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 17th May 2008 4:23am
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It seems like the old tentative name for City Center's hotel/casino thing-thang - Aria is being run up the flag pole again and a number of folks have begun to salute.

Over the weekend I took the sales pitch tour of City Center in the sales pavilion. I walked in simply curious and walked out trying to figure out a way to raise enough cash for a 1 BR unit at Veer. Great tour, great info and great sales folks. I asked the salesman if City Center's hotel/casino had a name yet and he said that they had yet to decide. I threw the Aria thing at him and he agreed that it used to be the tentative name, but it has since been retracted. Not that a sales guy would know everything but...

Some of you may remember this :

Aria Las Vegas

One of MGMMirage's longtime honchos Bobby Baldwin told Strip Podcaster Steve Friess back on December 17, 2007 that Aria made it to the short list, but was dumped due to trademark issues. It should be noted that Bobby Baldwin was/is one of the best poker players ever, and could probably have bluffed the whole thing.

Aria Las Vegas

KVBC in Vegas picked up on the Aria name the other day, as did Liz Benston in a story in the Las Vegas Sun (above). She files her report beneath the sprawling girders and showering sparks along side the very same Bobby Baldwin - again a bluff?

Aria Las Vegas

VegasTodayAndTomorrow posted that they had the complete scoop on this five months after Friess' Baldwin poker match, three days after KVBC reported, and probably a few hours after Liz Benston's story - most likely written the day before - was posted with The Sun's daily edition that publishes the days stories at about 2am. Unfortunately, VTT website is an 'old school hand coded the hard way affair' that has no RSS feeds or other ways to pinpoint the exact times the updates are made.


Apparently they were all scooped by mystery man Jason Davis, who bought the AriaLasVegas.com domain name on September 29, 2007 and registered it for five whole years.

Aria Las Vegas

Internet searches for "Jason Davis" + MGM Mirage yield a handful of possibilities.

- a "Jason Davis" who works for luxury hotel network Leading Hotels of the World which has a sign hanging prominently in the City Center sales pavilion.

- Friendly Ford hired a "Jason Davis" to be general sales manager in February 2007.

- There's also a "Jason Davis" who is a member of the IES : Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. The IES has had speakers from Perini discuss City Center to the Nevada chapter of their group.

My bet is on the latter and he's squatting the domain based on a tip he got from his friends at Perini. Just a guess.

So... will they or won't they saddle the City Center hotel casino with the name Aria? Seems like everybody knows something but nobody knows everything, at least officially.

The Plot Thickens! - AriaLV.com

Well guess what, MGMMirage bought the domain AriaLV.com on April 16th 2008, four months after kiboshing the name to Friess. Apparently they changed their mind, Aria it is. Here's the info:


Five minutes to showtime... Ms. Sills.



Comments & Discussion:

MGM-Mirage will eventually get the AriaLasVegas.com name. They'll throw some money at this guy first, and if he doesn't take the deal, they'll pursue the matter through the legal channels.

Can you believe the VT&T thing? Shameless.

I want to apologize for the (now removed) statement.

I received an inside tip as to the name change on the 15th. I did a web search to see if it was already out there. I found nothing. I waited until the next morning to call the public relations office at CC to verify the news and to get the official nomenclature "Aria Resort and Casino". I then posted the news, not realizing that the Sun reported it earlier that morning.

A day late and a dollar short.

@vtt - no need to apologize here, we're just observing how information bounces around in many ways and how declaring a 'scoop' is an extremely dangerous proposition.

that being said, it would be great value to readers of VTT (including me) to lift the veil on who or what the source for the information contained in the many updates you make. if the source prefers to be anonymous than state as such - "an anonymous source close to the project" etc... with all the hard work you put into the site, it would be a shame to have folks think things aren't on the up and up.

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